Urban myths

A friend of my mother’s would dine out on the story of her then 8 year old son, Rhys, being kept home from school one day because of tummy ache and a headache. She gave him some Junior Disprin, tucked him back into bed and went back downstairs to carry on with the housework. An hour or so later she went back upstairs with a tray of hot tea and toast to find him fast asleep, a sanitary towel across his forehead, a loop around each ear. Weeks earlier she had bought a packet in the local shop and on being questioned by an inquisitive 8 year old as to their purpose she had hurriedly replied “they’re for when I get headaches”…

Alas, no photographic evidence exists (a quick check on Snopes in case it was another urban myth only throws up this wonderful story).

Karan on the other hand…

3 Responses to “Urban myths”

  1. Lynne
    March 14th, 2005 11:48

    I have a photo of Matthew with a pair of knickers on his head, socks on his hands and his dad’s vest on. It’s priceless. However, since I’m not quite sure who all the returning visitors are to my blog I’d hate for the photo to end up on the school bulletin board. :o

  2. zeno
    March 15th, 2005 12:51

    I am quite sure that your mother’s friend was telling the truth because I have my own story in a very similar vein. When I was around 9 or so I was raking in my sisters bedroom drawers (as was my wont) when I discovered a pack of those self same sanitary napkins. Asking her what they were for I was informed that they were designed for nosebleeds. Cue me spending the rest of the day (inside AND outside with my friends) with a napkin looped over my ears so that it fitted snugly under my nose. Fortunately my pals believed my sister too!

    True story, I swear…

  3. Vickie
    March 15th, 2005 14:53

    Ha! Brilliant all around.

    I love how versatile those devices are!

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