Not really here

…but had to post a quick link from Ebay before it disappears: 10 assorted lures and a novel way of displaying them.

I don’t think the listing will be there for long so just in case, here’s the photo:

Bare back of woman, lures embedded in her skin


[via non blogging Martyn]

20 Responses to “Not really here”

  1. mary
    March 31st, 2005 22:10

    good God! That is so sad and terribly unhygenic. Hope she’s had her tetnus shot.

  2. Fi
    March 31st, 2005 22:11

    Just a selection of lures for the dedicated angler/S&M fan.

  3. Dave Goodman
    March 31st, 2005 23:33

    To which I just have to comment that it’s not very alluring.


  4. Ana
    April 1st, 2005 02:49

    Aaaagh! That just looks soooo painful.

  5. pam
    April 2nd, 2005 16:04

    There’s something fishy about that photo.

  6. anagram100
    April 4th, 2005 01:16

    Didn’t they have anything else in the house to use as a pale background! thanks for the posting on this I’d have missed out on a giggle!

  7. Wren
    April 4th, 2005 19:01

    That does look painful.
    Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  8. Vickie
    April 5th, 2005 17:02

    Yikes! I hurt just looking at her. **shivers**

  9. Allan
    April 6th, 2005 13:45

    Stupidity should be painful.

  10. Em
    April 6th, 2005 21:29

    I’ve been sitting on my hands for long enough.

    As you’re not really here, where exactly are you, bach?

  11. Cindy
    April 7th, 2005 04:59

    Well! That’s certainly an attention-getter, isn’t it. Sort of reels you right in, doesn’t it ;-)

  12. Dave Goodman
    April 7th, 2005 17:42

    When you coming back? I’ve got a Daisy jones.

  13. Katherine
    April 7th, 2005 19:17

    yuck yuck yuck yuck

  14. Southern Bird
    April 8th, 2005 10:20

    That’s not right !!!!!!!

  15. Vickie
    April 8th, 2005 14:24

    I was just wandering about here again…peeking around corners….looking for you. ;)

  16. jo
    April 9th, 2005 15:24

    Halloooooooo…anybody home….*peeks around*

  17. Nancy
    April 9th, 2005 15:55

    I hope these quiet days on your blog mean you’re having all kinds of fun in your offline life :-)

  18. girl
    April 9th, 2005 19:53

    Psst. Where the heck are you?

  19. Joan
    April 9th, 2005 23:04

    Waaaaa…..too quiet around here. Everything okay?

  20. Fi
    April 9th, 2005 23:44

    Daisy we miss you!

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