Six degrees of separation

We’ve just discovered that my mother went to the same grammar school where Em‘s grandfather taught woodwork. Isn’t that amazing? I just rang her to check the facts:

Me: Did you know a Mr B___ at C____ school?
Mam: Oh yes, lovely man. One of nature’s true gentlemen. Um, why do you want to know?

Apparently they had a geography teacher who would put a large map of the world in front of the blackboard at the start of each lesson, instruct the class to start copying it while he sat there and shook. Mr B___ would come in and lead him gently to the staff room, popping his head round the door of the classroom every so often to check that order was being kept. Can’t imagine that happening nowadays.

Anyway, has anyone else discovered an offline link to another blogger?

Update: Chaotique‘s mother also attended that school. Jaw. Desk. Connection.

Addendum: If WebDiva ever blogs again I’ll be asking her if she too attended. Big net, small world eh?

p.s. to the addendum: this is almost the view I woke up to every morning growing up.

27 Responses to “Six degrees of separation”

  1. briggy
    April 13th, 2005 14:04

    nice story daisy

  2. briggers
    April 13th, 2005 14:05


    … apparently i’m croila’s brother.


  3. Daisy
    April 13th, 2005 14:25

    The old daisy would’ve swallowed this hook line and sinker but the new me is wondering… ;-)

  4. the manly smell
    April 13th, 2005 16:38

    An ex-blogroll member met my wife. Neither knew anything about who the other was, or even that there was a mutual connection via me (for I am most secretive) but it was a truly ‘small world’ discovery.

  5. Daisy
    April 13th, 2005 16:49

    Blimey, that’s a coincidence, must’ve been a bit of a shock.

    Hang on, it wasn’t me was it? :-0)

  6. Neil T.
    April 13th, 2005 16:50

    I found a Flickr user who used to work with my Dad.

  7. maria
    April 13th, 2005 17:04

    Sadly, no. Not that many bloggers in mexico, apparenly.

  8. Gert
    April 13th, 2005 18:39

    Mike TD and I have some common acquaintances, but then, we went to the same University, although not at the same time.

    I used to be Tom Watson’s councillor.

    Someone I know works with the father of two bloggers.

  9. Em
    April 13th, 2005 18:47

    Apparently my grandfather …

  10. Em
    April 13th, 2005 20:56

    You want more spooky coincidences, Daisy?

    My grandfather’s in that school photo!

    *goes to find a stiff drink …

  11. Mary
    April 13th, 2005 21:07

    Just think of the people in that photo sitting there not knowing they would make an internet debut in 2005. Amazing – and the grandfather, too. Great good story.

  12. Vickie
    April 13th, 2005 22:57

    Not yet…but it’s bound to eventually happen. :)

  13. Croila
    April 13th, 2005 23:00

    … apparently i’m croila’s brother.
    fancy!” – Briggers

    NONSENSE!!! The Brig is quite, quite confused. He’s actually my not-so-secret lovechild. Poor dear’s a bit slow though.

  14. brig
    April 13th, 2005 23:12


    i’ve never been a love-child before.

    maybe we’ve watched too much catherine cookson!

  15. brig
    April 14th, 2005 10:29


    can you circle your respective family members?

  16. Daisy
    April 14th, 2005 10:37

    I would circle my mother if I could find her! It’s possible she’s not on that photo but I will do some investigating (okay, I’ll ring and ask her) but I don’t think Em will mind if I tell you this his grandfather is the last chap on the right, the handsome one.

    By the way, the chap who runs the site where those pictures are hosted? His sister was my mother’s best friend from nappies to adulthood.

    *hums theme from the Twilight Zone*

  17. the manly smell
    April 14th, 2005 16:31

    No, it wasn’t you, but it was extremely bizarre. I had a brief conversation with the wife about the event, then read the corresponding post on their blog the following day. It was spooky.

    As for you – I’m stalking you myself. I’m outside now. Behind the telegraph pole.

  18. Daisy
    April 14th, 2005 16:36

    Are you sure it’s a telegraph pole or one of the sheep playing silling buggers again.

    The wife/blog post story would have freaked me out. Do you think you’ll ever tell her?

  19. the manly smell
    April 14th, 2005 17:19

    No, I think it best that my blogging remains a secret. How would I ever explain those mistakenly interpreted comments about my sister-in-law and her..ahem..attributes?

  20. Daisy
    April 14th, 2005 17:27

    But they’ve all disappeared now (shoves hankie in mouth to prevent sobbing), no?

  21. adhco
    April 14th, 2005 18:07

    Umm . . . I’ve not discovered a surprising off-line link to another blogger yet . . .

    However . . .

    Here’s a good one: as that photo is taken in ’57, my Mum’s in that school photo too …

    She was in the first or second year at the time. And though I can’t find here in that ’57 photo [yet], she is however in this one

    Blimey ‘Eck. This has spooked me a little, but what a pleasant surprise for an otherwise grim day :)

  22. Em
    April 14th, 2005 18:28

    > I don’t think Em will mind if I tell you this his grandfather is the last chap on the right, the handsome one.

    I don’t mind at all – that’s the chappie, at the right hand edge of the third row (albeit a few years younger than I recall him).

  23. Birdy
    April 14th, 2005 19:21

    That’s incredible! No secret links for me as yet – I’d love to find one though….

  24. Katherine
    April 14th, 2005 20:37

    I was at primary school with Polkadotmittens and both of us are from Orkney, as is Kal, who is also a librarian, like myself and like Ms P was before she went to train as a nurse. And Redmaiden used to live across from me and work with my sister.

  25. anan
    April 15th, 2005 21:23

    the only unusual connection i know of between myself and ‘others’ in the blogging world is the one between myself and my brother, the ‘security consultant’ for America’s Homeland Security Department. When i call him, he says sternly, “Been spending a lot of time on the computer, haven’t you?”

    I would repost a story about it, if it hadn’t been wiped from my hard drive…


  26. e
    April 16th, 2005 08:28

    That snowy pic is gorgeous- reminds me of Canada- that crisp pink sky, the snow frozen over and glistening like wedding dress satin. *goes into daydream*

    I can’t claim any links to your mother’s school though I’m afraid.

  27. Annie
    April 17th, 2005 04:45

    That’s pretty amazing! I don’t think I’ve found more than a couple of blogs in my part of the country, let alone any connections!

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