You say tomato

Thanks to Zeno for pointing us in the direction of the New York Review of Books classifieds. The listings are very different but equally charming:

ARE YOU the brisk-walking, 60–65-year-old-looking man, who might have been watching me dodge traffic in NYC recently, and with whom I might have made eye contact? You wore a philosophical smile, and carried no cautionary umbrella, optimist that you are. Perhaps you carried a book under your arm. I am of similar age and temperament. We should meet for real. NYR Box —.

BAKES A GREAT CAKE. Wild woman with glorious garden ISO hoochie-coochie gentleman ready to put down a root or two. Shade or sun?

PRETTY, PROFESSIONAL DWF, warm, smart, happy, trim. Seeks honest, accomplished D/WWM, approx. 55–67, for friendship, possible LTR. NYR Box —.

I’m trying to work out what DWF stands. For a few seconds I thought it was dwarf but that’s not likely… is it?

8 Responses to “You say tomato”

  1. Joan
    April 26th, 2005 00:07

    Heheh – I am one I reckon – Divorced White Female. Ditzi, Wobbly & Fiesty?

  2. Daisy
    April 26th, 2005 00:54

    Hah! Thank you Joan. Option #2 is by far the best ;-0)

  3. Neil T.
    April 26th, 2005 09:21

    Doesn’t Wear Frocks?

  4. Ed
    April 26th, 2005 14:36

    What is a WWM?

  5. maria
    April 26th, 2005 16:45

    Widower white man.

    Is it widower or widowed?

    Damn, my language skills are not up to spec this morning.

  6. ann marie
    April 27th, 2005 02:26

    I’d imagine Divorced White Female.

  7. ann marie
    April 27th, 2005 02:26

    Why did I post when someone answered? I am desperate for glasses, I think!

  8. celia blue
    April 27th, 2005 13:20

    I’ve never thought to read the classified ads. I’m missing some good stuff. Thx.

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