Been doin’ it wrong all these years

How to weigh yourself and get the most accurate result.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

We must get the word out.

5 Responses to “Been doin’ it wrong all these years”

  1. Alison
    April 28th, 2005 21:06

    Oh yeah.

  2. mary
    April 28th, 2005 23:34

    Huff, huff, just got back from the bathroom and by golly, I’ve lost nearly 100 lbs! Marvelous.

  3. Claude
    April 30th, 2005 14:25

    I am still giggling! Must have been doing it wrong too…

  4. felicity
    April 30th, 2005 20:11

    brilliant :o)

  5. Stu Savory
    May 11th, 2005 14:50

    Is that perchance an antipodean cartoon ;-) ???


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