Big Gay May Day

As I whizz around the house with a duster and a bottle of Pledge, I’m having a great singalong to VH1’s Big Gay May Day, the Top 100 Big Gay Anthems. I swear there’s an inner gay man struggling to get out. But it brings us neatly to today’s question:

You’re gay: if you were straight, who would sizzle your senses?
You’re straight: if you were gay, who would tickle your tastebuds?

After much serious consideration 30 seconds with the tv paper, I think I’d vote for C.laire S.weeney. Mmmm, gorgeous.

And you?

35 Responses to “Big Gay May Day”

  1. billy
    May 2nd, 2005 14:31

    john cusack

    …ooops, did I say that out loud :^)…

  2. Vickie
    May 2nd, 2005 14:50

    If I were gay, it’d be all about Kathryn Morris.

    She’s so purty….heh.

    Then there’s Charlize Theron, Ashley Judd, Hallie Berry, and Jill Hennessy.

    Yes, I have thought about this, Daisy. ;)

  3. Daisy
    May 2nd, 2005 15:09

    Ah now John Cusack I understand. He’s a bit of a man’s man, no?

    *raises eyebrows at Vickie* – oh yes indeedy, you have thought about this haven’t you? ;-0)) I also thought about nominating Halle Berry but she’s almost too beautiful, if that makes sense.

  4. e
    May 2nd, 2005 17:00

    Jodie Foster. Keira Knightly. Helen Baxendale.

    Hang on. That’s three. Maybe I am gay.

  5. Em
    May 2nd, 2005 18:01

    Aww – can’t I have Claire Sweeney then?

    Ok then. I’ll have to nominate … this is tough … Brad Pitt?

  6. Mark
    May 2nd, 2005 18:35

    This revelation does not leave these comments but …

    Jude Law. Only because my other half would then stay.

  7. Melissa
    May 2nd, 2005 19:42

    Tea Leoni. Something about those broad shoulders and narrow waste….jeez, no matter how hard I try, I just am not gay.

  8. Daisy
    May 2nd, 2005 21:01

    Oh yes indeedy, Tea Leoni lights my bulb too ;-0)

  9. Nancy
    May 2nd, 2005 23:44

    I saw this movie about lesbian couples called If These Walls Could Talk 2, and Chloe Sevigny played this chick who dressed like a guy, wore her hair like a guy, rode a motorcycle and gave the girl her jacket like a guy – a really, really hot guy. Chloe as a woman can look sort of . . . dim. But as a man, she had this heavy-lidded sexy thing going on. Who else. . .? I have a crush on Julia Sweeney! Kristin Scott Thomas, or at least her character in The English Patient. Angelina Jolie, There you go.

    I bet more women than men will answer this question.

  10. maria
    May 3rd, 2005 01:00

    Angelina Jolie… definitely.

  11. girl
    May 3rd, 2005 03:15

    If I were gay…it would be Eliza Dushku. Definitely. In fact, I think I’ll nominate her for Fi’s hotness of the week…

  12. Fi
    May 3rd, 2005 04:06

    I’ve always fancied Jennifer Aniston. Dunno why.

  13. anni
    May 3rd, 2005 10:44

    Would have to be Kylie for me – but would that also make me a gay man?

  14. zeno
    May 3rd, 2005 16:22

    Carlton Kressley (sic) from queer eye, he is HOT!

  15. Alan
    May 3rd, 2005 20:31

    Goran Visnjic (Dr Kovac from ER). Sex. On. legs.

  16. briggy
    May 4th, 2005 11:05

    claire’s bum. not a patch on your own i bet.

    hmmmmmm. johnny depp. or maybe ryhs ifans. or dougie henshall!

  17. the manly smell
    May 4th, 2005 15:32

    Bernard Manning.

  18. steve
    May 4th, 2005 15:36

    Manly Smell.

    But only if he dresses up as his sister-in-law.

  19. felicity
    May 4th, 2005 22:48

    i did a quiz the other day to discover my fantasy gay date – it was angelina jolie!
    not sure she really floats my boat tho’

  20. graeme
    May 4th, 2005 23:00

    I really want to say Tom Jones, but that’s all kinds of wrong.

  21. mary
    May 5th, 2005 02:25

    I just can’t come up with anything. I can give you tons of guys, but no gals that cause even the slightest sense of lustful desire. I have failed miserably in this quest.

  22. the manly smell
    May 5th, 2005 08:49


    Oh Steve, you are a cheeky monkey.

  23. steve
    May 5th, 2005 10:11

    I try.

    Remember to bring the leopard skin jock strap next time as well.

  24. the manly smell
    May 5th, 2005 12:42

    Of course. I’m wearing it now.

    You’re still alive then? Any plans to start wotw up again?

  25. steve
    May 5th, 2005 13:03

    I may do Manly.

    Time has been in short supply with the new house and work but I’m getting itchy fingers again and would like to blow off some steam so it may just appear from the ashes again.

    Catching up on the old blogs and see lots of changes!

    (PS. Sorry Daisy for hijacking your comments thread)

  26. Southern Bird
    May 5th, 2005 15:46

    ooooooo i second Eliza Dushku.
    Although, i wouldn’t like to be sloppy seconds!

  27. steve
    May 5th, 2005 15:58

    I would ;)

  28. Adrian
    May 5th, 2005 16:28

    Sad to say, but probably Brad Pitt. I’m so obvious. :-)

  29. Andrea
    May 5th, 2005 16:52

    Whoops, why did I discover this thread only now?

    You know, if you had asked me just two minutes ago who I thought could “sizzle the senses” of a straight guy, Brad Pitt and Jude Law would NOT have been on that list. Then again, I really don’t know who would have. Men are just so squeamish.

    As for your question… What if we like both?

  30. Matt
    May 6th, 2005 23:22

    Hmm.. I have to say Johnny Depp, he has the whole “MAN IM AN ACTOR BUT IM STILL A ****** REBEL JUST ***** WORSHIP ME ALREADY!!!!” thing going on.

    But Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd/Karl Marx close second.

  31. Donna
    May 7th, 2005 17:05

    If I were a lesbian it would be Ashley Judd first and if I couldn’t have her, I’d take Carson Kressley.

  32. Nagl
    May 7th, 2005 19:56

    Viggo Mortenson. But ONLY as Aragorn. Have you seen him as he is? Pffft. But send him to Middle Earth and you’re on. Know that bit in THE TWO TOWERS when he arrives at Helm’s Deep and pushes those double doors open? OOH! GET IN!

  33. Birdy
    May 11th, 2005 20:09

    Eliza Dushku…


  34. mad musings of me
    May 5th, 2005 16:17

    Voting Time

    Both Mike T-D and Chasing Daisy have run polls of who you would snog, or fancy, of the same sex, if straight, or the opposite sex, if gay. That’s not a very good sentence. I’m straight, and so’s Daisy so…

  35. mad musings of me
    May 5th, 2005 19:48

    Voting Time

    Both Mike T-D and Chasing Daisy have run polls of who you would snog, or fancy, of the same sex, if straight, or the opposite sex, if gay. That’s not a very good sentence. I’m straight, and so’s Daisy so…

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