When the shit hits the fan

…and the floor and the walls and the sides of the bath. How can one 2.5 year old create so much mess in one nappy? We have the invasion of the little people (granddaughters aged 5 and 2.5) at the moment but they’re off home in a few hours (yes!), after which normal service and blog visiting will be resumed. Once I’ve had a lie down in a darkened room.

p.s. If you missed Em’s Straplines Competition you’re in luck, he’s running a new contest, What’s On My Ipod. I daren’t enter this one until I have at least 3 hours to study the rules carefully. Wouldn’t want to cock this one up as well…

9 Responses to “When the shit hits the fan”

  1. Em
    May 8th, 2005 10:40

    Mmmm – you’ve painted such a pretty picture. Isn’t the problem that they didn’t create the mess in the nappy, though?

    Thanks for the plug.

  2. Em
    May 8th, 2005 10:40

    Plug? Bath?

    Oh, never mind.

  3. mary
    May 8th, 2005 21:51

    Time for your little nap after all the nappy storm. Nappy in the US has quite a different meaning.

  4. Daisy
    May 8th, 2005 21:54

    Em shall henceforth be known as Dances with Bad Puns :-))

    Mary, I was going to write diaper in brackets but I knew that all the folks from across the pond who stumble across this site will be intelligent enough to know what a nappy is ;-0)

  5. briggy
    May 10th, 2005 09:44

    just wait til the wee buggers start with the ‘dirty protests’.

    then you’ll know you’re in for it!

  6. Vickie
    May 10th, 2005 18:00

    I love lie downs in darkened rooms. It seems so much more special than just going to bed at night.

    Leaving smiles…and a giggle or too. ;-)

  7. brigs
    May 11th, 2005 11:57

    so what does ‘nappy’ mean in the US?

    … writes confused from scotland.

  8. Fecal McStool
    May 12th, 2005 17:40

    I like to talk about stool.

  9. Annie
    May 12th, 2005 18:06

    What used to get me is that when you have little boy babies, as you remove their nappies they quite often wee. When you’ve dodged it a few times you get the hang of it, but I bet most new mums & dads get the odd wee in the eye!

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