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  1. Start at London Heathrow Airport
  2. Catch flight from London Heathrow to Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
  3. Hire car at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
  4. Start going toward the “Airport Exit” on “International Parkway South” – follow for 0.2 miles.
  5. Bear left onto the highway toward “Terminal East Parking” – follow for 0.3 miles
  6. Bear left onto “International Parkway North” toward “North Airport Exit” – follow for 2.9 miles
  7. Take the “Highway 114 west” exit toward “Fort Worth” – follow for 29.2 miles
  8. Then continue on “US 287 north” – follow for 91.1 miles
  9. “US 287 north” becomes “Interstate-44 east” – follow for 0.7 miles
  10. Take left fork onto “US-287 north” toward “Vernon” – follow for 104.0 miles
  11. “US 287 north” becomes “Avenue F (US1 -287)” – follow for 2.8 miles
  12. Continue to follow “US 287 north” – follow for 104.9 miles
  13. Take left ramp onto “Interstate 40 west” toward “Dumas” – follow for 7.8 miles
  14. Take “Exit 70” onto “US 60 east” toward “Dumas” – follow for 0.5 miles
  15. Take the “Buchanan Street” exit toward “Dumas/Pampa” – follow for 1.7 miles
  16. Turn right onto “Old Route 66 (Interstate 40)” – follow for 0.1 miles
  17. Arrive at the centre of town.

Now that’s the way to bleedin’ Amarillo!

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Peter Kay/Tony Christie’s video is here

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4 Responses to “Directions”

  1. mary
    May 18th, 2005 12:14

    thanks, Daisy. I love that video and the smiles I get with it.

  2. Richard
    May 18th, 2005 23:50

    That may well be the way to Amarillo, but is sweet Maria waiting for me there?

  3. briggy
    May 19th, 2005 09:21

    what if i want to leave from somewhere a little further north…

    … and maybe take in ‘Bangock. Oriental setting. And the city don’t know that the city is getting’ on the way?

  4. Huwge
    May 21st, 2005 01:08

    Been there, done that. But compared to Amarillo, Fort Worth is pants. Not that says much for Amarillo ;-)

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