Two things

FontBrowser 2.0 is a nifty little online tool that tells you at a glance what fonts you have installed on your system (PC and Mac).

News just in that His Holiness the Pope has made his first decision since the election. Expect controversy to follow.

10 Responses to “Two things”

  1. Elisabeth
    May 19th, 2005 18:33

    Thanks for the FontBrowser link! That is so cool!

  2. Vickie
    May 19th, 2005 19:02

    FontBrowser is cool. Thank you! Makes me want to go out and find even more fonts to play with. ;-)

    That picture is hilarious! **hugss**

  3. Daisy
    May 19th, 2005 19:13

    Glad you like ’em guys ;-)

    If you’re looking for some nice new fonts, you might try 300 Essential Fonts for Designers and Da Font. I used their Scooby Doo and 101 Dalmation fonts the other day for something for the grandchilden :-)

  4. leah
    May 19th, 2005 22:12

    Daisy, you are very wicked! You’ll be going to the fun part of heaven :)

  5. mary
    May 19th, 2005 23:16

    You’re such a silly hillbilly! Do you think there will be pretzels with that?

  6. Anne
    May 20th, 2005 00:52

    Thanks for the chuckle Daisy!

  7. karan
    May 20th, 2005 03:12

    I’m hoping that we’ll soon be hearing “The Student Prince” at mass.

  8. Blue Witch
    May 20th, 2005 09:46

    Thank you – all very useful.

  9. Joan
    May 20th, 2005 18:49

    You are soooooo bad!

  10. Vickie
    May 20th, 2005 22:42

    Just popping in you to leave you some beautiful flowers, more chocolate and wishes for a splendid weekend, dear Daisy. **hugss**

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