If you think you’d like to have a go at WordPress

Following on from Alison’s comment, if you’re thinking about switching to WordPress but don’t want to commit yet, why not set up a free blog at blogsome.com? You’ll be able to roadtest the dashboard and so on and get a real feel for the interface.

There’s also wordpress.com. It’s currently by invitation only (alas I’ve already given away my invites – fingers crossed I’ll be adding my father to the blogroll one of these fine days) but it could well be similar to gmail, invitees might themselves receive an invite to pass on. If that happens I’ll post here if anyone’s interested. But do leave an email address over at wordpress.com because I’ve no idea how frequently invites are released.

On the other hand… Movable Type and TypePad are both great to work with and I’m not closing the door on the possibility that I’ll install MT here later in the year for a trial.

Right, that’s me done for the day and I’m off to bed. Night, night!

10 Responses to “If you think you’d like to have a go at WordPress”

  1. Shaide
    October 13th, 2005 16:19

    Welcome to the exciting world of wordpress! WordPress is actually very cool, ive been using it for awhile and I love it..

    Though MT/TP were also quite good as well…For me however WP is the way to go and best fits my needs.

  2. daisy
    October 13th, 2005 16:51

    Hello Shaide, lovely to hear from you. And it’s good to see another WP knowledgeable bod I can call on when things get tough :-)

  3. razorhead
    October 13th, 2005 19:37

    Welcome back bird.

  4. webby
    October 14th, 2005 03:01

    WP is my favorite too.
    Didn’t know about WordPress.com so thanks for the link.
    Left my email there and hope they’ll send out an invite soon. *fingers crossed*

  5. daisy
    October 14th, 2005 03:52

    ‘ello raze, good to see you too :-)

    Good luck with the invite webby, let us know when it arrives so we can come visit!

  6. claus
    October 14th, 2005 23:36

    did i tell you that i miss the “temporary colour scheme while redesign is underway!” in your new design. but i love your new design anyway.

  7. daisy
    October 15th, 2005 04:03

    Thank you claus, it is pretty isn’t it? There’s lots of things I’d like to do to the layout (some nice warm red for the autumn) but first I need to get the blogroll in place, import graphics and so on. But it will change, I promise :-)

  8. webby
    October 15th, 2005 07:13

    Hi again daisy…
    i’ll make sure to drop a link here if and when the invite arrives an i have a blog up and running there.

    But I’m curious though to what it’s like on the inside at WordPress.com

    Is it similar to blogsome,feature wise?
    What about plug-ins,themes,uploading images?…you know things like that.

    Sorry that I’m bombardng you with all these questions.
    I’m just curious :D

  9. daisy
    October 15th, 2005 15:49

    No apologies needed webby, we love interesting questions here and there are lots of experienced wordpressers on the blogroll who will happily help in any way they can. But this comment is getting way too long, have put it instead in a new post.

  10. Andy
    November 1st, 2005 03:38

    You can get a free wordpress account by using flockr and posting a blog entry – one of the options is to use wordpress.com

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