7 things

Can’t remember how to blog Busy fiddling with wordpress files and blogrolls so I’ve filched a meme from Joanne.

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
Declutter the house
Live by the beach
Learn to draw
Make a perfect clafoutis
Give up smoking
Write a non fiction book

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die (continued)
Have hot sex on the private beach in front of a fire (again ;-))

7 Things I Cannot Do
Pass a book shop
Understand why Bush has not yet been impeached
Stop blogging
Write with my right hand
Stand in the kitchen without wiping a counter top
Refuse a cup of tea

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
Grey hair
Dog owner

7 Things That I Say Most Often
Shall I make a pot of tea?
Where’s the biscuit tin?
I’ve run out of cigarettes.
I read it on the internet
But I really need this book
Who just farted?

7 Celebrity Crushes
Stephen Fry
Meera Syal
Paul Auster
Doctor Jack from Lost (hands up who else is addicted?)
Neil Jenkins
Sidney Poitier
Tim Berners-Lee

18 Responses to “7 things”

  1. The Taftian » Blog Archive » 7 things
    October 18th, 2005 09:26

    […] While browsing over at chasingdaisy.com I saw she had up a “7 things” quiz….and figured…I would be a copy cat too! So, here’s my 7 things list. […]

  2. Mary
    October 18th, 2005 17:24

    Hmm by the fire on the beach..We have an island nearby called Honeymoon Island and I think you’d enjoy that, but do wait until hurricane Wilma passes. As for Bush, the impeaching part of our government is made up almost entirely of his supporters, BUT, they are being indicted slowly, one by one. So, for now, I must forgo naked beach parties and punch the gov as hard as my little naked fists can.

  3. zeno
    October 18th, 2005 20:39

    I have – eyes (two);
    People have said I am quite intelligent;
    I have been known to be kind occasionally;
    I have a small – beard;
    I am always courteous when it counts;
    Grey hair – how much more grey could you want?
    Former dog owner (of umpteen collies);

    Fancy a cuppa (on the beach)?

  4. daisy
    October 18th, 2005 20:50

    Milk no sugar, see you at midnight.

    p.s. I’m trying hard to make a rude joke about the beach being Knokke but failing miserably ;-)

  5. daisy
    October 18th, 2005 20:51

    Hey Mary, that sounds like a perfect place for a (nekkid) blog meet :-)

  6. Richard
    October 19th, 2005 01:31

    Do you not think that Dr Jack from Lost has a tendency to lose his head in a crisis? For example, the way he went charging off willy nilly through the jungle after that young lass was kidnapped.

  7. Em³
    October 19th, 2005 02:27

    I thought I was doing well, but Zeno’s trumped me, dangnabbit (unless owning a hound for a whole weekend counts).

  8. Joan
    October 19th, 2005 02:45

    I’d be happy to die with a cluttered house but I’d enjoy it being cleaned up for the weekend.

  9. Rhys
    October 19th, 2005 04:37

    “Doctor Jack from Lost (hands up who else is addicted?)”

    Ooooh! Me! Me! (The addicted bit, not the Doctor Jack bit)

    Though I was naughty and downloaded the entire season I watched it (all I will say: it gets REALLY good!)

    And I score 5 out of 7 on the “opposite sex” thing. 1 I used to, and 1 I probably will. Guess them ;)

  10. daisy
    October 19th, 2005 05:59

    Richard, I think anyone besotted with Doctor Jack would appreciate that this was an example of the caring, sharing side of our beloved one.

    Em, alas, looking after someone else’s dog for a weekend doesn’t even get you on the short list. Mind you, owning more than one laptop might make up for that…

    Rhys, I’ll come and have a ferret around your site to see if I can guess the answers, but not tonight, it’s past 1:30 a.m. and I needs my bed :-)

    I’ve been reading about later episodes on a forum and I’m really looking forward to watching them but I’m a little worried that it’ll go to 3 or 4 or more series but at the very end we’ll not really know what happened. Oh who cares, we get to look at Doctor Jack every week!

  11. Rhys
    October 19th, 2005 16:44

    Apparently Daisy according to the creator “There will be 1 more series after this one (this one being US season 2, so there’ll be 3 seasons overall) and a movie to finish off the whole story.”

    They apparently tie up all the lose ends at the end of the film (as the story itself is already written), so hopefully that will answer all the questions, and there’ll be a spin-off series featuring Hurley and Charlie, as they return to their life as live-in lovers.

    I made that last bit up.

  12. briggy
    October 19th, 2005 17:36

    well don’t blame me if ye get burn marks on yer bum

  13. Katherine
    October 19th, 2005 19:09

    ‘But I really need this book’.

    A daily thought…

    Intrigued by the blogroll categories!

  14. Mary
    October 19th, 2005 21:29

    Sorry, naked beach closed for the weekend due to hurricane Wilma – must reschedule neked blog meetup. And remember, Brig – bums aren’t the only things that get burned. We maintain a vat of aloe vera for those situations.

  15. Em³
    October 20th, 2005 03:43

    Just as well the laptops work in my favour then (although it wasn’t someone else’s dog, Max just didn’t get on with the resident felines so had to go back to the shelter to wait for a cat-free family).

    Is there a bonus for having at least one desktop and numerous PDAs too?

  16. Croila
    October 21st, 2005 11:16

    Funny. I never EVER say “where’s the biscuit tin”. Must be because the biscuits in my house never get as far as a tin!

    Your new site is looking lovely Daise, but … I kinda miss the bonnie wee pink flowers of yesteryear :-) Any chance of a reinstatement at all?

  17. maria
    October 22nd, 2005 07:48

    Ah, I miss the pink too :^)

  18. daisy
    October 24th, 2005 20:28

    The pink and the red are slowly making their way back :-)

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