Meanwhile back on the ranch

Hopefully, a spiffy new look is starting to take shape, thanks to the scrumptious relaxation theme from Clemens.

Before I start hanging pictures and getting fresh paint on the walls, I’m still fixing validation errors, especially one that seems to be caused by the “more” tag (that puts part of a post in an extended entry). But that’s for the morrow. There’s also truckloads of accessifying to do with the graphics brought over from typepad. Remember I said how easy the export of posts was from typepad? Hmm. That’s true. But graphics are another matter. It’s bothered me for a while that even as a Pro user, you don’t have any kind of global access to files. I can see that for the most part you don’t need that access and I trust Six Apart to keep backups of everything on a regular basis so having my own backups wasn’t necessary. But when I started to look for an easy way to download all of the graphics from the past two years I realised that they were scattered in many a folder and the only solution was to go through them all, saving each graphic individually. Hah! I even opened a help ticket for confirmation but the sad fact is that I needed a faster way to get hold of all those pictures.

So the first solution was to use a Mozilla extension called DownThemAll. Starting with March 2003, I simply downloaded all graphics on that page, then on to April, May, June etc. It took about 40 minutes all told so I was quite happy. But then I realised that this didn’t catch all graphics – when you create a thumbnail image in the Typepad interface, a corresponding html page is created for the larger size graphic and that of course wasn’t being picked up by DownThemAll.

Second solution was to use a website copier, HTTrack. This has done the job rather well I think. But now I have to go through every post and make sure that they all fit, have alt tags and generally doesn’t mess everything up. Oh boy.

Meanwhile, enquiring minds might like to know that the blogroll is now themed by tea types – there’s Caravan, Keemun, Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Oolong, all of which have their own special flavours. As do you. The old lists started out reflecting frequency of updates (daily, frequent, etc.) but that went out of the window as folks suddenly started post like fury or slowed to a standstill.

Anyway, the plan is to take some pictures of tea cups this weekend and add them as little icons above each category but I’ve a feeling my camera will not be recovering any time soon from being dropped from the landing so I’ll end up scouring my favourite free image sites for alternatives.

Across the web there are some lovely novelty teapots and some pretty teacups. There’s even a Darjeeling tea caddy and a teapot font so I’m not short of inspiration.

Unless… would anyone like to contribute pictures of teacups, mugs and teapots? It would be lovely to make it a group effort. Photos and drawings (hint, hint) are all welcome. How about a maximum file size of 50x50px?

And the prize? How about a special edition “Music to take tea by” cd, a compilation guaranteed* to make teatime an absolute pleasure.

There you go. Deadline is midnight BST on Sunday (23 October), you can post them on your blogs or email them to me, it’s up to you.

Good luck!

* usual disclaimers apply, I haven’t made it yet. Ahem.

Update: I’ve added some pictures from Stock Xchng that I plan to use for the blogroll.

7 Responses to “Meanwhile back on the ranch”

  1. David
    October 21st, 2005 07:52

    Yay I’m Earl Grey! Organic and Fairtrade as well, right? ;)

  2. daisy
    October 21st, 2005 09:25

    We-ell, that’s one interpretation… ;-)

  3. Mr Wibble
    October 21st, 2005 10:11

    Love the new look Daisy – you scrub up well!

  4. daisy
    October 21st, 2005 10:18

    Why thank you Mr Wibble!

  5. Katherine
    October 21st, 2005 12:05

    Have to say I just resigned myself to losing all my Typepad images. My head exploded every time I thought about aorting it out…

  6. billy
    October 21st, 2005 15:06

    …well, I have got the whole of my blog and (thanks to my friendly neighbourhood stalker) I now have possesion of all my images…goodness knows what I’m going to do with the damn thing now…

    …does anyone want to buy a blog?…nearly three years of posts :^)…

  7. Mary
    October 21st, 2005 16:08

    Being a spoiled brat, Eo did all the transferring for me and I don’t think I realized what an ordeal he went through until your post. Must make ammends. BTW, what is the picture at the masthead? Thinks look very spiffy here.

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