From Messina to Bournemouth

Did anyone see David (Cold Feet) Nicholls’ adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing last night? Hugely enjoyable and much recommended if you can catch a repeat. I almost didn’t watch it, I was busy on other things and planned to watch the wonderful Brannagh version at the weekend (again). But the updated setting and punchy one liners (just as they’re about to go on air Beatrice mutters that Benedick “puts the w into anchorman”) really worked and I was hooked. Shame then, that I hadn’t factored in a bathroom break and by the time the 90 minutes was up I had to hobble cross-legged up the stairs.

Still to come in this series of four 90 minute dramas are The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

4 Responses to “From Messina to Bournemouth”

  1. felicity
    November 8th, 2005 19:55

    i had a power nap through eastenders just so that i could watch much ado! it was fabulous, loved the hammy acting of benedict when he realises that he is in love with beatrice… looking forward to the rest

  2. felicity
    November 8th, 2005 19:59

    ps: and it of course was fabulous not in any small part to the very gorgeous damian lewis ;o))

  3. Richard
    November 9th, 2005 00:31

    It was very good. Though I wanted to throttle Beatrice when she kept interupting the reading of sonnet 116 to “explain” it.

  4. daisy
    November 9th, 2005 02:17

    Felicity – Damian Lewis + gorgeous in the same sentence? I think we have very different taste in men!

    Richard – I thought that was quite sweet, that he would “let” her be the smart one and explain parts of the text to him to break the ice and as an excuse to be in her room. It would have been nice to have it read again (uninterrupted) at their wedding at the end though. As I did at the wedding of stepson #1.

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