How Friends ruined my life*

* well, not ruined exactly.

If Friends hadn’t been so successful, Courtney Cox wouldn’t have become famous and I’d have continued in blissful ignorance, thinking that Bruce Springsteen had pulled an ordinary (but very pretty) young girl out of the audience for the dance of a lifetime.

It took weeks and a round of merciless teasing from schoolfriends before a chance remark made me realise that during the scene in the coffee shop, Annette passed a condom to John Travolta, not a sachet of sugar for his coffee.

Waaaay back in the 90s when Internet Explorer was the browser of choice only option available to newbies, suddenly realising that you could have more than one window open at once was a joyful revelation.

Go on, ‘fess up, what took you longer than the average bear to realise?

14 Responses to “How Friends ruined my life*”

  1. maria
    November 9th, 2005 02:59

    Err, ok, the noises coming at night from my parents bedroom were NOT my dad massaging my mother’s feet. Even my sister, 6 years younger than me, knew this. How’s that for embarassing?

  2. Mary
    November 9th, 2005 03:00

    Hmmm. I know there are many, some took 20 years, I know, but I can’t think of one. Will probably wake up in the middle of the night with an ah, ha!

  3. Lyle
    November 9th, 2005 10:27

    Finally realising that James the Red Engine was that colour because he was “Reddy for anything”.

    That took a long time to figure out. But it was a long time ago, so I’m over it now. *ahem*

  4. Gordon
    November 9th, 2005 10:56

    Nothing like being put on the spot!

    Most recently would be the revelation that shaking a can of beans before you open it makes them slide right out. If you don’t shake they get all stuck and you need to fish them out with a fork…

    But YOU knew that.

  5. Katherine
    November 9th, 2005 11:24

    When I was 17 I finally asked my mum where ‘Terminates’ was. There seemed to be a lot of trains going there through Leeds station. I decided it was somewhere in the north-east.

    My mum thought I was joking.

  6. Shaide
    November 9th, 2005 16:22

    That mushrooms were not in fact a veggie, and that my family knowingly and willingly fed my chunks of fungas on my pizza.

  7. daisy
    November 9th, 2005 16:44

    How can someone not like mushrooms? Mmmm, yummy mushrooms!

  8. Helen
    November 9th, 2005 17:28

    I was 21 when I found out the number in the bottom corner on a piece of art wasn’t the mark the artist had received but instead was the edition number!

  9. Karan
    November 9th, 2005 19:39

    I wrote about this a while ago: http://www.flummel.com/ee/index.php/weblog/ok_im_grown_up_now/

  10. claus
    November 9th, 2005 20:08

    at the age of 10 i had already started learning english, but i still believed everybody in the world needed to know german in order to understand what they were saying in their respective mother tongues.

  11. Fi
    November 9th, 2005 22:53

    When I was much, much younger I thought the ER on Queen Elizabeth’s emblem/insignia/coat of arms stood for ‘er Royal Highness.

  12. Will
    November 9th, 2005 23:55

    Just to add to Fi’s comment – on the back of a priest’s robes there are sometimes the letters IHS this *isn’t* a dyslexic’s way of spelling HIS is it?

    Damn, have I only just discovered something stupid and announced on here? Must. try. Harder.

  13. harriet
    November 13th, 2005 22:46

    Being a good punk (in the late 80s) we used to sing along to Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols and I really thought they were singing, “we’re so pretty, oh so pretty, we’re vain c*nts” and it took quite a few years before I heard it how it supposed to be.

  14. Starr
    November 14th, 2005 18:08

    being 24 yrs old now makes this soooo embarrasing but it was only about 18mnths ago i realised an air guitar isn’t a kind of guitar! i only realised when someone on a sat morn show i was watching with my little boy mentioned playing the air-drums and the air-piano! doh!!!!

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