Apostrophes and Catastrophes

Apostrophes and Catastrophes is the title of singer songwriter Wolkenvelden (aka Paul Hunt)’s new cd:

Wolkenvelden (after the Dutch for “blanket of clouds”) is my nom de guerre as a singer-songwriter. The tunes on Apostrophes & Catastrophes range from quiet porch strums to punkish indie rock anthems, all with an introspective lyrical feel. The entire album is available on CD or as a free download. Featured tracks as well as demos of new songs regularly appear on the front page blog. All music is licensed as Creative Commons Sampling Plus.

I’ve only been able to listen to the album once (then got blackmailed into finally watching The Usual Suspects) but am definitely going back for some more.

Oh the lyrics are listed too. And donations are welcomed.

9 Responses to “Apostrophes and Catastrophes”

  1. Andrea
    December 4th, 2005 02:39

    Thanks for that link, I’m listening to some of his songs right now. Good stuff. I might just order the CD; 12 Euros for an album—including shipping—is pretty reasonable.

    Great find! :-)

  2. daisy
    December 4th, 2005 10:35

    Glad you liked it Andrea. And yes, 12 Euros* is a great price, especially given the cover art

    *with the aid of the XE currency converter, that converts to:

    £8 of these British pounds
    $US 14
    $CAN 16
    NZ$ 20
    Singapore$ 24
    Qatar Riyals 51

    Have I missed anyone?

  3. felicity
    December 4th, 2005 14:21

    just downloaded, and donated. looking forward to the music…

  4. Andrea
    December 4th, 2005 14:47

    Yeah, I’m kind of interested in the liner notes myself. Clever of him. ;-)

    And I forgot to add: Harvey Danger are doing the same thing (minus the Creative Commons license, as far as I’m aware) on their website. You can download their latest album for free, or order the actual CD, which comes with a bonus disc and various shwag. Unfortunately, international shipping is $9, so I just made a donation on their site instead. You should get the album just for Happiness Writes White; it’s a pretty awesome song. :-)

    This should totally be the future of music.

  5. Allan
    December 4th, 2005 14:51

    So what did you think of the movie?

  6. Nancy
    December 4th, 2005 14:56

    Oh, I have the same question as Allan up there. Did you like it?

  7. daisy
    December 4th, 2005 16:30

    You guys mean The Usual Suspects? Loved it! Very clever and original script and fine acting. I’d seen the line-up scene before but in context it’s even funnier. So yes, I’m glad I was dragged kicking and screaming to watch it :-)

  8. Paul (Wolkenvelden)
    December 4th, 2005 18:01

    Yeah, The Usual Suspects is a damn fine film. :)

    Thanks for the link, Daisy.

  9. daisy
    December 4th, 2005 18:04

    Ah you’re welcome Paul, it’s a pleasure to support music made this way, especially when it’s as good as yours.

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