The late shift

Dizzy the dog standing in the park, ready to chase a squirrel

Dizzy seems to have hurt her back leg and has been moaning and whimpering on and off for most of the evening. She let me carry her out for a pee ‘n’ poo break but was happy to curl back up on the sofa and didn’t even want a biscuit. She’s finally gotten to sleep now but if it’s no better in the morning, I’m off to the vet. Think happy thoughts, would you?

9 Responses to “The late shift”

  1. Andrea
    December 6th, 2005 13:56

    The poor darling. Sending good thoughts, Daisy.

  2. Croila
    December 6th, 2005 14:45

    What a beautiful wee dog! Good vibes to her, good vibes.

  3. Mary
    December 6th, 2005 18:33

    Ahhh Dizzy! Whatsa matter? Poor baby. I remember my dog, Prince who injured his leg and got so much attention from me. I was all sad and tearful when I remembered he took his cues from me. I changed my attitude to “he’s just fine” and sure enough he jumped down and started to play. My daughter’s dog had a similar affliction until the doorbell rang and it was the pizza delivery guy. That dog raced to the door like there was no tomorrow. Hope Dizzy does likewise.

  4. daisy
    December 6th, 2005 23:16

    Thank you ladies. I’m happy to report that as of this evening she’s doing a lot better.

    Wise words from Mary. She very occasionally will try the limp routine for sympathy but it never lasts more than about 3 seconds, she’s so easily distracted by a fluffy ball. But this is genuine, I think she strained it playing with a gorgeous little Jack Russell (called Paddy) in the park yesterday.

  5. stroppycow
    December 7th, 2005 00:08

    You can alternate warm (for the pain) and cool (for the swelling) packs till you can get to the vets if it happens again.

  6. Nancy
    December 7th, 2005 04:13

    Buffered aspirin (do you have Bufferin?) – it’s what our vet recommends for puppy pain, and it has served the dogs in our family well. I hope she’s much, much better tomorrow.

  7. daisy
    December 7th, 2005 09:38

    Thank you Nancy, she is a lot better today. I rubbed Arnica into her leg a couple of times yesterday and that seemed to help. She’s not running and skipping as normal quite yet but fingers crossed, it seems to be healing now.

  8. briggy
    December 7th, 2005 13:03

    oh ok then.

    i’ll think them.

    only cos its u mind.

  9. Ed
    December 7th, 2005 14:44

    Feel better Dizzy!

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