Yummy leek and potato soup

Wooden tray containing bowl of steaming hot leek and potato soup and a plate of fresh brown bread

For Birdy, Mary and Em, here’s the easiest and yummiest recipe for leek and potato soup you’ll ever find. It’s based on Nick Nairn’s recipe but it’s cheaper and has seasoning (I can’t understand why the original doesn’t). I’ve not bothered making the croutons because I’m lazy it’s so filling but do have a look at that page because you might like them. Anyway, on with the recipe. It serves four hungry people.


60g/2oz unsalted butter
2-3 large potatoes, peeled and diced
3-4 leeks, roughly chopped (use the whole leek)
2 vegetable stock cubes, each dissolved in 1 pint of water (ignoring the packet instructions)
100ml/4fl oz double cream (single cream also works well, as does long life cream from the store cupboard**)
About a teaspoon of salt (depends on how many potatoes you use) and pepper
A tablespoon or more of dried parsley (or 2 tbsp fresh flatleaf parsley, chopped)


  • Peel and dice the potatoes, chop the leeks (see picture 1).
  • Gently melt the butter in a large non-stick saucepan and sauté the potato and leeks for 3-4 minutes.
  • Pour in the vegetable stock, add the salt and pepper, bring to the boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for 10-12 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.
  • Stir the cream and fresh parsley into the soup and then remove from the heat (see picture 2).
  • You can eat this immediately but it is hugely better if you let it cool, pop it in the fridge and reheat later.
  • Serve with fresh crusty bread or with the croutons as in the original recipe (see picture 3).

I’m off to see if I’m not too late to add this to BW’s Blogichef extravaganza.

** Thanks to our favourite peace chick Mary for guineau pigging and letting us know that half n’ half cream works well stateside.

Update, March 2006: I’ve started using more than 4oz of cream, probably more like 60z. It makes it much creamier soup but of course it’s still delicious with the lesser (and healthier amount). I’ve also added carrots a couple of times, also delicious.

12 Responses to “Yummy leek and potato soup”

  1. Em³
    February 16th, 2006 18:11

    Mmmmmm … fooooood

  2. daisy
    February 16th, 2006 20:16

    See? I said you’d love it. And it couldn’t be easier to make. Perfect for a cold winters night so get shopping and get chopping!

  3. Em³
    February 16th, 2006 20:31

    Ok, ok.

    That’s two new shoup recipes I’ve picked up this week (t’other’s in PixelDiva‘s del.icio.us links BTW)

  4. Blue Witch
    February 17th, 2006 14:43

    Ah, good, yes, thank you :)

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    February 17th, 2006 18:14

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    February 17th, 2006 20:21

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  7. Knock Knock Mary
    February 17th, 2006 21:13

    I’m not sure what double cream is. We have half n’ half, heavy cream and whipping cream. I think I’ll use the heavy cream. In the movie Last Holiday (recommended for cheering one up), they said the meaning of life is “butter”! Agreed. Anything with butter is better. This soup is on the menu for Sunday. Thanks!

  8. daisy
    February 17th, 2006 22:53

    Ah now that’s interesting, I wonder what the equivalent of double cream is stateside? I think you’re right that it’s heavy cream but maybe someone will pop along in the comments and help us out :-)

    And if the meaning of life is butter, would that salted or unsalted?

    *goes off to have a hot bath…*

  9. Knock Knock Mary
    February 23rd, 2006 22:23

    I can now report that this receipe is a family favorite. I used half n’ half cream, btw. Thanks, Daisy.

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    March 25th, 2006 21:36

    […] In the middle of making a leek and potato soup earlier today I realised that we had too many leeks and a spare bag of onions that needed using up so I did what any sensible chef would do, I checked the internet for some ideas. […]

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    February 3rd, 2007 00:30

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  12. leah
    February 12th, 2007 20:46

    I made this super this afternoon and it was delish!

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