The one with the updates

Back in June 2004, purple e asked us for recommendations :

Does anyone know of any online tool that enables you to plan your itinerary on a map, so that I could report in periodically and display our whereabouts?

You had lots of ideas of where to travel but no software recommendations but I just came across TravList that lets you keep track of your trips, both past and present (although you can’t yet go back beyond 1985 so all us wrinklies will have to wait a while to document our expeditions when those new-fangled horseless carriages were just coming on to our streets).

It’s very simple to use, you can integrate with Google Maps and Flickr and create a trip calendar. I think tags are on their way too. The creator (Scott McIntyre) has created a sample trip page to the Pacific Northwest – it’s very clean and simple and I’ll be giving it a go this weekend. It’s a nice alternative to setting up a photo gallery for holiday snaps and course you can link to trips from your blog.

That scurillous attack on Wales and the Welsh

Back in April 2003 I came across a very silly travel review by Vicky Blitz:

Our tour guide, Tristan, had done a lot of hiking and camping in England, where one can freely cross the farmers lands without any fear. It is the custom in England, that, most land is “open” to the public, as long as they don’t leave trash behind. However, he warned us that hiking and camping in Wales was a little risky, if one goes far back in the hills. He said, that, as in parts of Appalachia in the U.S., some people have been back in the Welsh hills for such a long time, isolated from the rest of the world, there has been inbreeding and the gene pool has gone down in intelligence. Couple that, with the distrust of strangers (the mountain people have), for one’s own safety, it is wise to avoid the Welsh mountains, when hiking and camping in Wales.

Happily, an as yet unnamed person has taken the time to take Ms Blitz to task for (let’s be generous here) believing what a mischevious English guide had told her:

… My assumption is that the guide was “taking the Mick” (i.e. teasing her). Now, whilst no one can ever say that people one might meet can ever be guarenteed 100% safe anywhere in the World, nevertheless, I think Wales is about as safe as it is possible to be. The interbreeding quip sounds very much like an English racial jibe at the Welsh, made for the guide’s own amusement.

I do not believe in censorship, therefore I would not even request you to remove the article from your site. However, I promise you that its suggestions are completely inaccurate and do, indeed, constitute a racial (and absolutly unjustified) slur on the Welsh.

You can read the rest of the reply here.

7 Responses to “The one with the updates”

  1. Knock Knock Mary
    March 3rd, 2006 15:03

    “Taking the Mick” I’ll have to remember that one for my visit. Wonder where that idiom came from – maybe Ireland? I tried to Google parts of England and Scotland. Google isn’t really up to date. Can you recommend any other map system?

  2. Em³
    March 3rd, 2006 22:26

    That Tristan wasn’t particularly accurate about the situation in England either:

    Wandering on to farmers’ fields or other places which are obviously private is clearly trespassing

  3. Em³
    March 3rd, 2006 22:30

    … and for Mary, here are a couple of theories.

  4. Croila
    March 4th, 2006 23:25

    The stuff the stupid tourguide said?

    Unfortunately this happens so often up here too. It’s unfair on both the Welsh (or the Highlanders in our case plus we get the haggis gags too), and on the tourist. Makes idiots of everybody. And who’s the REAL idiot?

    I don’t really approve of violence, but I wouldn’t get tired of kicking these idiot tourguides. Can’t they have some respect for the place they’re showing to folks?

  5. Fi
    March 5th, 2006 04:58

    My theory is that the tourguide was probably just jealous of the superior scenery Wales has ;)

  6. KW
    March 6th, 2006 12:01

    Warning: completely irrelevant comment follows.

    Thanks for the help with my evil template woes last week – ’tis sorted now, thankfully, and it wasn’t even my fault!

    Also, I lovelovelove your ‘Chaising Daisy’ font. Is fab.

    That is all.


  7. ally bean
    March 7th, 2006 13:47

    well, that’s just about the dumbest tour guide comment i’ve ever heard. difficult to know if it’s prejudice or stupid. sadly, you can’t fix stupid. i’m not sure about prejudice.

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