Wimmin wot I admires, Part 2 – Wordsmiths

I know, it’s well past the 8th of March, International Women’s Day but in my defence I (a) thought yesterday was the 8th and (b) had an unexpected encounter with a lost dog (more later). And besides, there is no time limit on appreciating and celebrating talented bloggers.

On then with part 2 – wordsmiths.

  1. Toni at Electric Mist – not only do I love reading her journal, I’m saving up to buy Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? and I can’t wait for the publication of the first (of three!) Bobbie Faye novels next year.
  2. There’s wonderful poetry and photography from Sharon at Watermark.
  3. I realised with horror that I’d not visited Estella for far too long. One the plus side, that means I’ve oodles of archives to enjoy. On the minus side, that makes me a bad blogger. But she’s still making me laugh out loud. Go enjoy.
  4. Oh and if we’re talking about laughing out loud, I don’t need to remind you that Pam will frequently tickle your funny bone?
  5. One of these days I’m going to get home to Wales for the weekend and take Daisy-Winifred up on her offer of a cup of tea and a natter in the gloriousness that is the Brecon Beacons. Until then I’ll continue to enjoy her writing and shared soppiness over all things canine.
  6. Then there’s Ellie at This is my body, this is my blood and
  7. Susan at Spinning.
  8. While any woman who has any knowledge of infertility everyone will laugh/cry/wish they could write with just 1% of the talent of Julie at A Little Pregnant.

And now for the bit I seem to have inadvertently deleted before I went swanning off to lunch…

  1. I love reading Harriet’s snippets of London life. It doesn’t make me want to live there again though.
  2. Mindy at The Mommy Blog. Nuff said.

I’m sure there were a couple more, or maybe I put them into another category. Well look, if you’re on the hunt for great writing from women bloggers, check the list there on the right and over here in a list of great blogs.

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2 Responses to “Wimmin wot I admires, Part 2 – Wordsmiths”

  1. SB
    March 12th, 2006 20:19

    Thank you!

  2. toni
    March 13th, 2006 08:03

    Aw, Daisy, you just really made my week. Thanks!

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