Diner’s bottom

Is there such a condition?“, I wondered as I rubbed my posterior this morning. We had a long and leisurely Sunday lunch with friends yesterday and although their dining chairs are padded and comfy, we spent too many hours sat in the conservatory putting the world to rights before moving back to the sofas for a final chinwag.

Ever keen to inform and share I set to work with a friendly search engine.

There’s tennis elbow, housemaid’s knee (or prepatellar bursitis), jeep bottom – – woah! Jeep bottom? Let’s ask Dr Myhill:

Jeep bottom – pain over the seat bones as a result of bouncing around on a hard jeep seat (a problem in North Africa in the Second World War!)

But no mention of diner’s bottom. Still, I’m hoping that a hot bath and liberal application of Ibugel will sort it otherwise I’m in for another uncomfotable night’s sleep tonight.

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