Video clip Friday

One of the best things about the internet is the sharing of video clips. We get to see clips of programmes from all over the world, both broadcast and from ordinary people. The latter may also be one of the not so good things about the interweb (remember this poor wee lad?) but it’s Friday afternoon so how about some clips from a new (to me) video sharing site, VideoSift.

First up, the most amazing ukele playing you’ll ever see. Agreed! Give that man a recording contract immediately! Oh wait, you can already buy Jake Shimabukuro‘s cd. But is he playing a cavaquinho or a ukele? You decide.

Amazing trumpet playing this time… or is it? Watch Ed Thompson’s performance right through to the end. And then go visit his website.

In the “there’s always one” category, How to lose your job in 26 seconds.

Moving on to politics now, and folk wonder why Americans are becoming ever more unpopular outside of their own country as an Australian newscaster asks Americans which country to invade next (language NSFW).

But of course, we know that there are just as many Americans who would have questioned the need to invade any country at all and are out protesting on the streets as we speak.

And it’s not all Bill O-Bloody-Reilly, thank goodness for Jon Stewart. Here he is in a rare double interview, Bush v Bush.

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2 Responses to “Video clip Friday”

  1. EmĀ³
    March 24th, 2006 19:36

    Be afraid. I am.

  2. Knock Knock Mary
    March 24th, 2006 22:36

    Ah, those were fantastic. What a great break. Thanks for the links.

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