is for Arabic. Nancy celebrates almost a year of learning the language and more.

is for Aaayyeeee! And you thought bungee jumping was a bit mad. (They’re all speaking furrin but don’t worry, you ain’t missing much. Boys and their toys and all that.)

is for Aaaaww. The Dachshund with narcolepsy. [Via Jim at Squoogy.]

is for At last! Motivated by this article in which techcrunch weighs up the merits of nine web-based feed readers I’ve dusted off my registration details for rojo.com and will get to the bottom of why all this rss feed stuff is so popular. By jove, I will!

is for Asinine. Yahoo ads can’t be viewed by those outside the US? Block ’em all then!

is for Always use protection.

is for Astonishingly Stupid Marketing People. Maybe not as bad as the Hoover free flights fiasco (yet) but the marketing team who set up the Chevy Tahoe Apprentice wheeze.

The all new 2007 Chevy Tahoe is more capable, more responsible, and more refined. Now, you’re the director and it’s your job to communicate this message by creating the best Tahoe online commercial for your chance to win.

Did they not stop for one nanosecond and realise that they’d get entries submissions like this one? Or this one? Ooh, or this? Hang on, or this? Oh no, therearemore! And more! Just one last one? This one’ s for the ladies. [Via MetaFilter.]

Daily Kos, Eco-Geek and Total Tactics are collecting the files should they “disappear” (although I don’t think the above are listed anywhere, you have to know the url to view the contributions). So maybe it wasn’t such a stupid marketing thing after all. Who knows?

And yes, I had a go too [NSFW]. But I’m betting you lot can do much, much better.

* To get the url you have to use the “send to a friend” form and use an email address you can access.
** Non Amerikuns/Canucks will need a postal address.

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One Response to “A”

  1. ally bean
    April 5th, 2006 20:55

    the one commercial that I watched said, “yeah, we’re lost.” that seems to sum up Chevy’s ad campaign with this dumb idea.

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