Hairy and scary

If you visited earlier you might have seen a screen blank with an error message. I took the plunge and upgrade WordPress from 1.5 to 2.0.2. Fingers (and toes) crossed, it all seems to be working well.

I can’t recommend the following tutorials highly enough, I followed them step by step and apart from a few hair-raising moments (mea culpa, I missed a paragraph), it all went swimmingly.

The main page: Tamba 2 WordPress Guides
Upgrade to WordPress 2.x
How to backup
Where is phpmyadmin ? (yes, I needed to check this, ’twas my first time tinkering with my databases).

One small problem and I’ve scratched my head but can’t figure it out yet – why the background image (middle.gif) doesn’t display since the upgrade.

Here’s the css:

#page {
background: transparent url(images/middle.gif) repeat-y top center;
margin: 0 auto;
padding: 0;
text-align: left;
width: 864px;

Any ideas oh wise ones?


Before I got the chance to put that excellent advice from Gordon and Lyle into practice, I found that just saving the .css file and uploading it over the “old” (but identical) file was enough to solve the problem.

So if you’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2 and find that some of your css styling isn’t working any more, it’s worth trying that before giving yourself more grey hairs fixing a (possibly) unfixable problem.

4 Responses to “Hairy and scary”

  1. Gordon
    April 25th, 2006 10:33

    Try an absolute URL?


    And why, when selected, does your text highlight in light blue??

    I’ve yet to upgrade… good to have others do it before me!

  2. Lyle
    April 25th, 2006 14:55

    The immediate response would be “put a semi-colon at the end of the line” thus

    background: transparent url(images/middle.gif);

    also, it might be worth trying to go back to the root for the images, so to go…

    background: transparent url(/images/middle.gif);

    So there’s two options…

  3. Lyle
    April 25th, 2006 14:58

    Ah, my mistake, I think you’ve got the ; on the line under it – it’s a following-on thing.


    Try the preceding forward slash.

    Alternatively, initially split the background bits down into individual selectors, so you can see what they’re doing…


    background-color: transparent;
    background-image: url(images/middle.gif);
    background-repeat: repeat-y;
    background-position: top center;

    then you could always nad about a bit and see how you do…

  4. daisy
    April 25th, 2006 16:13

    Thank you guys.

    Gordon, I tried an absolute url, no joy so I changed it back to a relative. But just by uploading the newly saved css file (but back to its old state) has fixed the problem. Wierd eh? At least it does in Firefox/IE/Opera on Win2K. Hope it’s working elsewhere too. Oh dammit, that reminds me that I wanted to go fix the video display.

    *scribbles post-it note, sticks it on forehead*

    Hmmm, not sure why the text is blue on highlighting, will google.

    Lyle, “nad about a bit” – is that the technical term? ;-) But the principle of splitting up the code like that is a good one and I’ll remember that for future.

    One odd thing that is probably significant but I can’t work out why:

    The background image displayed correctly on http://chasingdaisy.com/index.php but not on http://chasingdaisy.com

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