The one with the update to the rant

If you read this post, here’s an update.

Trawling through the multitudinous spammer comments for willy wotsits and all sorts of pharmaceuticals that would sound dodgy even if the “author” didn’t go by the name of Righteous P. Turbitude III, I nearly fell of my chair at seeing Andy Budd’s name nestled amongst them.

Many thanks to comments from Andy Budd and Chris Mills (author and publisher respectively) for pointing out that:

Thank you both for providing the new information (and apologies for the uncharacteristic rant). It was uncharacteristic, no? Please tell me I’m not a whingebag?

I’ve been dipping into CSS Mastery in preparation for the Wise Women css study group kicking off this Friday and it is excellent. Really, really excellent.

Starting off with a review of basic css that *cough* we all know and need to frantically revise love, the rest of the book takes you through ever more advanced techniques to produce sites such as this and this.

I’ll write more when I’ve read more but I suspect it will be sitting alongside Rachel Andrew’s CSS Anthology as a book that is always to hand and frequently referred to.

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