Prepping for the weekend

We have the granddaughters staying this weekend (hooray!) so I’m on the lookout for some more online games to keep the computer addicted pair happy.

A quick hop over to Lazy Laces and there’s nothing specifically for 3 and 6 year olds but as always, plenty to keep us older kids happy.

How about creating a talking squirrel animation? Talking flowers or tomatoes? Or maybe some ninja text? Then there’s the movie clapperboard generator.

Movie clapperboard for 'Constipation, the movie'

Best of all though is the newspaper clipping generator.


Unless I find the old microphone that came with this computer I’ll be forced to buy a new one. Wonder if these are available in the UK? [via Red Ferret]

1940s style chrome microphone

Then again, wouldn’t you feel duty bound to at least put a frock and makeup on to do it justice?


File under “must send this one to my father and brother” – the Morse Code Translator lets you hear what your text sounds like in Morse Code.

File under… well, I’m not sure where to file this pair – Daily Monkey and Jason King. You decide.

But they segue us nicely into this article from The Independent:

Scientists have discovered Africa’s wild putty-nosed monkeys can talk – and they use syntax. They believe it is the first evidence of such communication in non-humans.

If like me you were wondering why they’re called putty-nosed monkeys, look no further…


Bono (yes, that Bono) interviews Eddie Izzard as part of his day as guest editor of The Independent. The “RED Edition” was published on 16 May with half of that day’s profits going toward the fight against HIV and AIDS among women and children in Africa” (and the men with HIV and aids?). More details and discussion at MetaFilter.


And finally, a clip from Room 101 has Paul Merton interviewing and embarrassing Ricky Gervais with a snippet of the bendy one singing(!) in 80s band Seona Dancing. Bless.

4 Responses to “Prepping for the weekend”

  1. Daisy-Winifred
    May 19th, 2006 09:39

    Oh I love that classic microphone, yep I can definitely see a floral 50’s number with cardi and purls plus court shoes with the sheer stockings of course. Perfumed hankie tucked into ample clevage and red lipstick applied faultlessly with compact and handbag nearby for comfort and all emergencies as breathily but with cut glas clarity I speak to the listener. Ah when I run my own radio station:0) not so outlandish I am told by techie friends these days with the podcasts – Northern Exposure with Joyce Grenfell, what do you think?:0)

  2. Nancy
    May 19th, 2006 15:56

    Anthony loves http://www.starfall.com and he learned all his letters from it. The content has four levels and I bet the three-year-old at least will find something fun.

  3. Nancy
    May 19th, 2006 15:59

    AND there’s a great jigsaw puzzle website – here’s the animal themed section, Anthony’s favorite. You can cut each into as many pieces as you want.


  4. daisy
    May 19th, 2006 23:42

    Daisy-W, I would LOVE to hear your podcasts, please start immediately, pearls or no pearls :-)

    Nancy, thank you for those two sites, I think the girls will love them.

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