…and action!

I’m sobbing into my hankie at the moment – the film crew have arrived, I’ve taken some pictures but Martyn has had to leave… taking the only working camera with him.

They’re a very friendly bunch and Millie is adorable but much as I’d like to go out there and have a chinwag, offer them all tea and biscuits in the true Daisy mi casa/su casa spirit, I feel as if I’m intruding. Dammit.

Google has been quite helpful in finding out more:

A six-part sitcom written by twins Beth and Emma Kilcoyne described as a “quirky character comedy, part sketch, part narrative” which is due to air this autumn. Produced by Celador and the BBC in Sunderland.

It stars Emma Kilcoyne and Sam Battersea, and follows on from a sketch show they performed in Edinburgh. It also stars stand-up Dave Johns as Norman, the son of a 73-year-old fortune-telling dwarf.

I’m off to twitch a few more nets…

4 Responses to “…and action!”

  1. ally bean
    June 21st, 2006 14:28

    This is cool. Up until now the only person I’ve known to have their house on tv was a childhood neighbor one street over who’s house was on a Jell-o commercial. This is clearly much bigger than Jell-o!

  2. Knock Knock Mary
    June 21st, 2006 16:43

    Awww, look at that Millie! What a sweetheart. What fun. The son of a fortune telling dwarf – now that’s a character we can expand.

  3. Vinno
    October 4th, 2006 19:39

    Just to let you Know that the sitcom is now on BBC Three on Tuesdays @ 11pm repeated on Fridays @ 11pm.
    It can also be seen on the BBC Three website.
    You can see if you recognise any of the locations!

  4. Chasing Daisy » Blog Archive » The one with the updates #304
    October 24th, 2006 23:26

    […] Remember the excitement of having a film crew on our doorstep? Well a kind commenter let me know that the comedy series (Dogtown) is now being broadcast both on BBC3 and on the interweb (alas, only to UK residents unless you know of a good *ahem* proxy service…) What’s it like? Well I’ve watched the first two episodes. I really want to like it. Most of the cast take on more than one role (both male and female), it’s cleverly done. But just too depressing for me. I think it’ll appeal to those who enjoyed Little Britain and League of Gentlemen. Mind you, I’ve never actually seen either show so it’s best if you make your own minds up. […]

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