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Meme #1

Continuing with the photography theme, here’s an idea stolen borrowed from MetaChat – you choose the best and the worst picture you’ve ever taken, upload them to your Flickr pages, website, etc. and we get to ooh, aah and admire then laugh at your efforts. Sound like a good idea? Over to you then. Leave a comment with a link if you’re not too chicken :-)

I’m digging deep (not too deep, hah! so many to chose from) for the worst picture category but my best picture is up on the wall, is from pre digital days and since the scanner decided to stop working and his lordship’s not home yet for me to take a picture of the picture with his camera you’ll have to take it on trust that it’s a reallly good picture. No, really!

Meme #2

All Nancy’s fault – the link I posted to the Adidas video reminded her of a video from her youth which in turn reminded me that I searched YouTube yesterday for Elkie Brooks and the one result that comes up is the lovely Video for the extraordinary Ann Andrews containing my favourite Elkie Brooks track of all time (and certainly in the top 3 of best songs ever recorded), Pearl’s a Singer.

So I’m tagging Croila and Stroppy cow to find a favourite video of their favourite childhood/teenage song, they in turn will (hopefully) tag someone for theirs and so it continues.


More music related stuff

The Scopitone
was a French video jukebox that made its debut in 1960 and was imported into the US in 1964. Although they usually featured high production values, catchy melodies, and lots of gratuitous cheesecake, the singers were often relative unknowns and the music was square even by the standards of the day. Consequently, they never caught on in a big way outside of Europe, and many of the original Scopitone jukeboxes and films were destroyed. Fortunately for us, a few Scopitone enthusiasts have catalogued the songs, scanned the advertisements, and even preserved a few Quicktime clips of the original French and American Scopitone films.

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