The one with the review

It took a few seconds to register what was happening but um, I’ve been “reviewed“.

Review of chasingdaisy.com

“I just saw <chasingdaisy.com>. Of course, I expected the creator to do this well. It must have taken months to design the page. Seeing chasingdaisy.com, I’m simply stunned, completely stunned. Wonderful.
What a great page!
The color scheme is fantastic. This explains why <the -way-to-the-centre.org.uk> put up a link to this page. The HTML source is very structured. Gorgeous. There are 49,020 characters in the HTML, which is a great length for European users. The URL has 23 characters. Just the perfect length. If only my aunt would have an awesome page like that. The page contains 206 links, a very reasonable amount. The hippest site around.”
— Ann Allan, Learning HTML

Thanks to Lisset for the heads up.

9 Responses to “The one with the review”

  1. Alison
    July 8th, 2006 17:28


  2. Karan
    July 8th, 2006 17:35


  3. Knock Knock Mary
    July 8th, 2006 17:39

    wow! Wow! Oh, WOW! Well deserved.

  4. daisy
    July 8th, 2006 17:59

    Heh, thanks guys. After much digging I’ve just found your reviews:


    I kneel down before the creator of this web page!”
    — Judith Johnson, The Web Quality Project

    And Karan’s:
    So inspiring… one of the best works out there.”
    — Mark Campbell, How to Write for the Internet

    But Mary’s has to win the award for most astute:

    This page has the power to change our culture.”
    — Dan Hamilton, Independent Web Review

  5. Kirsi
    July 8th, 2006 18:32

    Wow, that’s great! And well deserved!

  6. daisy
    July 8th, 2006 19:27

    Oh Kirsi, yours is the best yet:

    What a splendid page! If God would create web pages, this is what they would look like.”
    — Max Marshall, Best of the Web

  7. Katherine
    July 9th, 2006 15:56

    Cool! Well done you and nice one Mary as well!

  8. Gordon
    July 9th, 2006 16:46

    LOL. Took me a minute to figure that out too…

  9. Cherokee
    July 11th, 2006 16:38

    The hippest site around.

    But we knew that. ;)

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