Hot off the press

The Zinedine Zidane game. Heh.

Update: That link is borked, try this one instead (thanks to Jann).

Mais pourquoi? Mais pourquoi? In case you missed it, here’s the footage.

7 Responses to “Hot off the press”

  1. Jann
    July 10th, 2006 16:53

    The game’s gone quatre zero quatre.
    Try this instead

  2. daisy
    July 10th, 2006 17:56

    Cheers Jann!

  3. Knock Knock Mary
    July 10th, 2006 18:19

    Oh dear. That had to hurt. Must not be naughty when playing.

  4. Croila
    July 10th, 2006 22:29

    I have had a huge giggle at this and have just spent about five minutes playing it – I love it!

    Good one!

  5. briggy
    July 11th, 2006 11:16

    maybe that croila isn’t such a good influence on we ‘D’ after all

  6. Nancy
    July 11th, 2006 13:26


  7. brigs
    July 13th, 2006 13:31

    ps zidane is still wonderful… best i’ve ever seen after maradonna

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