4 yellow plastic ducks with red beaks in a row

Go add a comment to Hanan Levin’s Grow A Brain – he’s aiming for 500 on this post and a commenter will be picked at random to win $100. Oh yes indeedy. Think how many plastic ducks that’ll buy! What on earth do you want rubber ducks for Daisy? Ah well, there be points. And what do points make? Prizes!

I’ve 318 rivals to the spondoolies to date but I just know I’m going to win that c-note, duck karma will intervene. Quack, quack.

Wait… let’s be certain that this is a real $100 bill we’re talking about and not a candy bar? Ah well, I could always dig out that dollar bill I have somewhere and try making a shirt.

While there I spotted a few juicy links. First up: if you enjoyed Mike’s recent YouTube nostalgia trip then you’ll definitely enjoy Vidéo Nostalgie pointing us to mostly French language YouTube clips such as Sylvie Vartin’s lovely ballad, Deux Mains (those dancers in the background might make this link NSFW). There are lots of archives too so I’ve bookmarked this one for the weekend.

I’d be paging Nancy in aisle 11 for that last one but she’s off to the beach. Harrumph. Oh well, you could instead read her excellent article at Flagpole on the wealth of Arabic words now in the English language:

Tabby (a striped cat) is from Arabic “’attabiya,” a striped silk cloth, originally manufactured in the ‘Attayib neighborhood of Baghdad.

Meanwhile, filed under the Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? category, it’s official, Welsh accents are musical.

Take two students, one chalkboard and silly half hour and you get Dibujos animados en la pizzada. It’s in Spanish but you won’t need to speak a word to see the humour.

I’m off to get a sweater, the temperature plummeted overnight (hooray!) but is forecast to rise sharply again in the next few days and throughout August (boo!) so I’m going to enjoy the chill while it lasts.

3 Responses to “500 comments”

  1. Knock Knock Mary
    July 28th, 2006 12:01

    I didn’t comment as it requires a login routine. That might cause a hitch in his get-along. Stay warm/cool.

  2. daisy
    July 28th, 2006 12:42

    Ah, I’m sorry about that Mary, I’ve commented before so didn’t have the login rigmarole. Oh! It might be that he’s had a lot of spam coming through and has had to switch moderation on.

  3. growabrain
    July 28th, 2006 15:57

    thank you for the linkage!

    however, there is no log-in required to post a comment. please try again!

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