A wise man once said

…the longer you leave it the harder it is to start again. Blogging that is. And he‘s so right.

So instead of hiding away feeling miserable, here’s a filler post to get me started again. More soon. But first I’m off to reply to emails and catch up on what’s been happening in your corners of the world.

A bientôt.

11 Responses to “A wise man once said”

  1. Knock Knock Mary
    August 14th, 2006 14:00

    Ontime, late, any time of the day or night – you are always a joy to see.

  2. Kirsi
    August 14th, 2006 16:55

    Welcome back! :)

  3. Karan
    August 14th, 2006 17:01

    It’s been a long dry summer for me too.

  4. leah
    August 14th, 2006 17:45

    Nice to have you back. The world has gone mad… crack in Ambridge what ever next???

  5. Alison
    August 14th, 2006 19:23

    Welcome back. :)

  6. Murphy
    August 15th, 2006 11:31

    What you need to get you started is a pot of tea!

  7. brig
    August 15th, 2006 13:49

    bonjour madame flower.

    … stretching my french a bit there.

  8. Nancy
    August 15th, 2006 15:32

    Je suis ravie de ver ton blog aujourd’hui. (I’m working on my rusty, rusty French these days.)

  9. e
    August 15th, 2006 16:53

    Nancy, I’m assuming from your ‘ver’ that you also study Spanish- it’s ‘voir’ in French, in an otherwise impeccably grammatical sentence.

    I am impressed, and presume that you learned French in a sensibly rigorous fashion.

    Daisy, I understand fully…

  10. Nancy
    August 16th, 2006 15:46

    Merci, e. Pardonnez mes defautes! J’ai etudie espanol apres avoir apris francais y quand je veux dire quelque chose en francais, les mots espanols s’imposent toujours si je ne fait pas attention. Plus, I’ve just forgotten a lot.

  11. Croila
    August 27th, 2006 22:04

    Aye, “he”‘s definitely right. I’ve been on a bit of hiatus too. It’s very hard to get back into it :-(

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