A book link missing from the last post

File under “What a good idea!”, Daily Lit has a service that lets you choose a book and then receive bite size chunks of it by email:

Because if you are like us, you spend hours each day reading email but don’t find the time to read books. DailyLit brings books right into your inbox in convenient small messages that take less than 5 minutes to read. This works incredibly well not just on your computer but also on a Treo, Blackberry, Sidekick or whatever the PDA of your choice. In the words of Dr. Seuss: Try it, you might like it!

You can choose to receive book chunks Daily, Weekly or Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you can even select the time it hits your inbox (good for all you GTDers out there). It’s currently limited to US Eastern but it looks as if you’ll be able to select your time zone soon and not have to rely on the Time Zone Convertor. More information on the FAQ page.

I’m going to give it a try but I tend to devour books once started and I suspect that I’ll be seeking out the whole book by day two.

Via Gordon.

7 Responses to “A book link missing from the last post”

  1. AscenderRisesAbove
    September 20th, 2006 16:44

    Loving the layout changes here on your blog!!

  2. Anji
    September 21st, 2006 16:26

    I’ve started to read Zola (Four Short stories). The chunk is just the right length to read on the screen. (Any longer and I’d give up). It arrived mid-morning which was nice as I just clicked on the time without paying much attention.

  3. ally bean
    September 22nd, 2006 15:35

    I’m like you in that once I focus on reading a book, I’m all into it. Little chunks of books would bug me– and how are you going to cheat and read ahead to see how it ends?? Hmmm.

  4. jan
    September 23rd, 2006 23:40

    Clever idea, but I don’t even like to stop when I come to the end of a chapter when I’m really into a book.

  5. pam
    September 24th, 2006 22:26

    I like this idea! I ordered “A Modest Proposal” for Monday. I think I’ll prefer reading in short chunks, since it’s a computer format and not a physical book.

  6. Murphy
    September 25th, 2006 08:34

    Thanks for this Daisy.

    I’m doing Wind in the Willows from now until the end of February.

    Just wanted to get back in touch with the positive side of Moles.

  7. daisy
    September 25th, 2006 14:15

    I’m so glad you’re all enjoying that link, I’m off to sign up for one too then :-)

    Ally, I think we need the “surfer’s special” – find a copy of the book online and read it at one sitting :-)

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