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Friday, October 27th, 2006

Does having a dose of the lurgy dispense me from the “a post a day, come what may” thang?

I’m starting to feel better now and looking forward to sharing a truckload of shiny new things with you all but I’ve eaten nothing since Tuesday night and am feeling a little wobbly. Plan to go find something bland and vaguely appealing to eat, see if it settles then it’s back to the linkage business toot sweet. Honest guv.

The one with the updates #304

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Remember the excitement of having a film crew on our doorstep? Well a kind commenter let me know that the comedy series (Dogtown) is now being broadcast both on BBC3 and on the interweb (alas, only to UK residents unless you know of a good *ahem* proxy service…) What’s it like? Well I’ve watched the first two episodes. I really want to like it. Most of the cast take on more than one role (both male and female), it’s cleverly done. But just too depressing for me. I think it’ll appeal to those who enjoyed Little Britain and League of Gentlemen. Mind you, I’ve never actually seen either show so it’s best if you make your own minds up.

Filed under things I keep going back to enjoy – a wee while back Ellie double dared her son Jacob to audition for American Idol. It’s so good I’m even prepared to open Internet Explorer (it won’t work in Firefox or Opera). If these two performances don’t make you smile broadly and want to adopt/date/manage/offer a starring role to (delete as appropriate), then you’re either dead or a republican.

Other bright and shiny things

A quick game of Hangman from Steven DeGraeve whose Color Palette Generator is one of the most useful design tools I’ve come across. You type in the url of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. For example, if you enter the header image from the next link you get a lovely rich palette of colours to kick off your design.

Talking of spicy, Quick Indian Cooking does what it says on the tin in providing quick, easy recipes for Indian food. Definitely one to keep an eye on. I suspect that Saturday’s menu chez Daisy will include traditional Bengali fish cakes, Macher Chop.

While we’re still in the kitchen, here’s a sweet photograph of saucepans. Yes, saucepans.

That’s it for now. Himself has a really bad dose of flu and ever the generous soul has shared it with yours truly so I’m off to make another pot of hot tea before collapsing back into a heap on the sofa. Bonne nuit.

Nearly there but a bit broken

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

No comments, archives, pages… okay, a lot broken. But a nice warm bed beckons so I’ll fix it in the morning. Night, night.

Update: had a sudden flash of inspiration: checked the .htaccess file (empty) so clicked on the Permalinks tab in WordPress Options, copied the text from there, added it to the old .htaccess file, uploaded and renamed it and bingo, we should be back to normal. Well when I say normal…

My new mantra:

“A post a day, come what may.”

But first, a spot of bloghopping!

The disappearing woman

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

A post in which your blogger humbly apologises for disappearing for much longer than she intended and warns of a complete disappearance in about an hour’s time as I switch hosts. I’ll be changing the name server information in about an hour and it can take up to 48 hours to propogate around the globe, fingers crossed all goes well and I’ll be putting the “a post a day, come what may” mantra into action. Ahem.

The host I’ve happily been using for the past two years has been having dreadful problems of late, including a random Trojan download (yikes! and a big thank you to Stroppy for the alert and detailed information).

Happily, my brother has just started blogging, needed hosting and has generously offered me free space in return for providing customized WordPress themes (great fun) and 24/7 tech support. Bless.

So I’m switching to VidaHost, which if the first 24 hours is anything to go by will be rather good – support emails replied to within minutes and includes a friendly security phonecall (the purchaser IP in Qatar and the address in the UK needed checking) and remaining totally unfazed while for the first five minutes I thought he was a fellow blogger ringing to say he was on his way…

If your eyes have glazed over by now you might like to cheer at the news that the post title was supplied by Jane and Roy‘s reaction when we arrived for supper last night. I’ve not seen them for a few months so their amazement at the weight loss to date was embarrassing but much appreciated.

See you on the other side.


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