Nearly there but a bit broken

No comments, archives, pages… okay, a lot broken. But a nice warm bed beckons so I’ll fix it in the morning. Night, night.

Update: had a sudden flash of inspiration: checked the .htaccess file (empty) so clicked on the Permalinks tab in WordPress Options, copied the text from there, added it to the old .htaccess file, uploaded and renamed it and bingo, we should be back to normal. Well when I say normal…

My new mantra:

“A post a day, come what may.”

But first, a spot of bloghopping!

12 Responses to “Nearly there but a bit broken”

  1. Peacechick Mary
    October 23rd, 2006 12:49

    I sent you an e-mail, but it came back. Nearly at a swoon thinking I may have lost you, but now here you are and I feel mucho better. You are a brave one, for sure to do this. I’ll check back later to see how it’s going.

  2. Daisy
    October 23rd, 2006 14:19

    Thank you Mary, it’s good to be back. Albeit with many more grey hairs than before the weekend :-)

    And it’s lovely that I just got the email address (daisy AT chasingdaisy DOT com) working and the first thing to land in there with a gentle whoosh was this comment from you. Perfect.

  3. Kirsi
    October 23rd, 2006 17:51

    Glad to see you’re back! :D

  4. jan
    October 23rd, 2006 20:54

    Strange how attached we can become to our blogging friends. Glad you are back.

  5. ally bean
    October 23rd, 2006 22:02

    I like your mantra. Very spiffy.

  6. Lu
    October 24th, 2006 00:11

    Ah Yes!! Spiffy…I like the word too!!!

  7. Murphy
    October 24th, 2006 09:46

    I went to see the Spiffy Mantras in Manchester once.

    Or was it the Spliffy Mantras?

  8. Allan
    October 24th, 2006 13:03

    I’ve been trying to live by that mantra, too.

    I haven’t been at all successful, though.

  9. Alison
    October 24th, 2006 14:02

    Good to have you back.

  10. Croila
    October 24th, 2006 19:32

    Most spiffingly EXCELLENT to see you back! You were missed :-)

  11. Daisy
    October 24th, 2006 21:52

    The Spiffy Mantras? Ha! Thank you all for your kind words. Am fighting a dose of flu at the minute but a (quick) post is on its way before I collapse back onto the sofa with a blanket and a wriggly hot water bottle.

  12. Lionel
    October 26th, 2006 22:32

    “A post a day, come what may.”?

    That didn’t last long :-)

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