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Summer Burn

Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Have I linked to this before? It’s still very funny. Crouching Bunny, Hidden Rabbit.

Just when you thought folks couldn’t get any stoopider – the vinegar boy [from customers suck via Squirrel X]

Also from SquirrelX, the menstrual avenger [not for family viewing!]

And in other news, I’ve finally found out how to make compilation cds. Eh? Well I’d not made one before. I just take a cd out of its case, play it and put it back. What an education I’ve had. Wanting to make a compilation cd for the FunJunkie Summer Burn project, I merrily copied lots of tracks from various cds to the hard drive. And then from the hard drive to the blank cd. On copying the third one it occurred to me to take it downstairs and check that it actually played on a cd player. Uh, uh. Googling wasn’t a lot of help (probably because I didn’t know what to search for at that stage). But um, there’s a reason why it’s called Summer Burn. Yes, I know. Quelle twuntflap.



Tuesday, July 6th, 2004

Here’s one for FunJunkie‘s Summer Burn – and you can sing along too! Oh and five crappy movies that everyone loves [via Coolios].

Um, I’d like to make a compilation cd of favourite tracks so that rather than taking 10 cds in the car, we’d be able to take just the one. What’s the best way to do that? On Windows 2000 with Roxio software.

24 hours

Wednesday, June 30th, 2004

No, not the tv series (does anyone else think that if we had a Prime Minister/President who looked like David Palmer we wouldn’t give a monkeys what his policies were? Shallow? Moi?). But I digress. I got hit by a 24 hour stomach bug. I’ll spare you the details but now I’m back up and running, singing along to Mireille Mathieu (apparently Apollo XV played one of Mireille’s songs on the moon in 1975) (I’m just about to email the site admin to let them know that Angleterre does NOT mean Great Britain) and the poor dogs are on hunger strike until I stop:




Sunday, June 27th, 2004

You know you have those days when you just can’t get rid of a particular song from your head? What did I do to deserve this? All day, all bloody day, I’ve been humming, singing and whistling

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Folks in a town that was quite remote, heard
Lusty and clear from the goatherd’s throat heard

Not quite sure which song I mean? You can listen to Lonely Goatherd here and see the lyrics here. If you’re a glutton for punishment really interested, you can hear the non vocal version here.

Meanwhile, the dogs were last seen making a fast getaway and are now thought to be somewhere south of Canterbury.

This has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve just signed up for FunJunkie’s Summer Burn [via Dragon]. I solemnly promise not to include this track on my cd. Scouts honour.

p.s. And I’ve had the cheek to put this in the Music category. Heh.

p.p.s. Ever wondered what names for dogs are popular in Canada, France and Belgium? Wonder no more. I can almost go with Bikini, but Tentation? That worries me.

What sort of rock music are you?

Thursday, May 20th, 2004


Garage rock! I like you… I like you a lot! You and indie are on the same plane for me! You bring rock’n’roll down to its dirty roots, whether being minimalist like The White Stripes or retro like The Strokes. You keep on doing what you’re doing! Oh…and did I mention I like you alot?

What genre of rock are you? [via lovely Billy]

Disclaimer: I’m only posting this to get a bit of street cred …

What’s it all about, Alfie?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

They’re re-making Alfie, this time with Jude Law in the lead role. I’ve nothing against Jude Law but my first question was “why?”. Why remake a classic film? Everybody will compare it to the original, find it lacking and then move on to the next remake. I guess it’ll make millions for the studio no matter what.

Then I wondered if they’ll use the classic theme sung by Cilla Black (oh yes indeedy, I have that on vinyl).

[An aside: I’ve just remembered a mad German woman who used to come to parties at our flat in Belgium (no-one seemed to know who invited her, we eventually decided that she lived in the basement and would emerge as soon as she heard the chink of wine glasses). But she would insist, every time, on singing her Marlene Dietrich inspired version of Vot’s eet all about, Alfie. But I digress.]

Anyway, that brings me to this week’s spotlight, the new website of a British band called The Movement.

At the time of writing The Movement have one song, Some Soul, in the Paramount Pictures remake of ‘ALFIE’ starring Jude Law, which is coming out sometime in 2004. So let’s hope it stays in!

Go on, have a listen. Hands up those who want the buy the cd as soon as it hits the shops.

Do you think I’m too old to be in a…


You’ll like this…

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

Anne has a link to MusicPlasma today. Holy guacamole, Batman, it’s a fantastic idea! You type in the name of an artist you like and MusicPlasma will generate a map of other artists you’re likely to enjoy too. So for example if you start off with Norah Jones, you’ll be introduced to Eva Cassidy, Cassandra Wilson, Diana Krall etc. (many of whom I’ve not come across). What a wonderful way to spend more money widen your listening.

But wait! There’s more! As you click on each artist’s name, snippets of their music play on a loop and you can go order from Amazon direct from the site. Oh and the menus are also available in French. Sheer bloody genius.

Update: I think the artist must be listed on amazon.com – a search for Adam Masterson draws a blank. Shame. But understandable.

Naked Beatles

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

Oh I’m tempted.

A new version of The Beatles’ album “Let It Be” will be released in November, the group’s company Apple Corps announced Thursday.

“Let It Be…Naked” strips the 1969 album of Phil Spector’s lavish production effects, returning to Sir Paul McCartney’s original idea for the recording. “This is the noise we made in the studio,” McCartney said of the new version. “It’s exactly as it was in the room. You’re right there now.” [It] mostly keeps the same track listing as the original album, which featured songs Let It Be, The Long and Winding Road, Get Back and Across the Universe.

Via What Do I Know.


Saturday, September 13th, 2003


The term mondegreen for misheard lyrics comes from this. It originated from Sylvia Wright’s mishearing of the “Oh, they have slain the Earl of Morray and laid him on the green” from the Scottish folk song, The Bonny Earl Of Morray as “Oh, they have slain the Earl of Morray and Lady Mondegreen”.

I think you guys can come up with some more, no?

The Boss

Friday, September 12th, 2003

Another blogger at the Bruce Springsteen concert at Fenway Park. Yet another not at the concert but enjoying the buzz.

See Bruce Springsteen in concert. To be added to my “list of things to do before I’m old” list. If I had one.

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