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Flickr + Museumr

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Via Amber, a great little online tool that takes a picture of yours from Flickr, hangs it (or a portion of it) in a museum space and adds a couple of viewers. Simple but brilliant.

So many pictures look great this way but here we go with:

Recent lack of blog posts? Lots to say, no way to say it and anyway it’s totally unfit for human consumption. You’d thank me if you knew. Really.


Sunday, July 9th, 2006

To Phil Donahue for sticking it to the class bully.

“Two things have doubled in the past year: the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq and the price of Haliburton stock.”

I’ve just been reading a fascinating story on NPR A Voluble Visit with Two Talking Apes.

Kanzi [the bonobo] also has developed a skill closely associated with human language, Fields says. It’s called theory of mind — and a growing number of researchers believe it is at least as important as grammar.

Theory of mind means recognizing that other people have their own beliefs and desires. It also allows someone to imagine the world from another person’s point of view.

Next up is to listen to writer Ken Foster talk about his memoir, Rescuing Dogs, and Learning from Them.

Hmm. I’ve just realised that if there are any O’Reilly fans out there reading this they might be insulted at the implied slight in posting a story about chimps straight after one on O’Reilly. Nope. I have far too much respect for the bonobo to do that.

Then there’s a rather odd article in The Times by Jeremy “love ‘im or loathe ‘im” Clarkson, Arrested just for looking weird:

The main problem I suspect is a complete lack of knowledge about the world. I asked people in the streets of Vegas to name two European countries. The very first woman I spoke to said: “Oh yes. What’s that one with kangaroos?”

Off on a tangent and filed under “Reasons why I love the internet, #42,921”: Trazy Anderson’s 94 x magnification photographs of Velcro being pulled apart and Scotch tape being pulled from a dispenser. Beautiful.


Sunday, July 9th, 2006

That’s not a typo, it really does have three o’s. And thanks to Sharon, I now know that Zoomr.com is a new Flickr-like photo hosting service where you can:

  • Show your favorite photos to the entire world in anyone’s language (well, 15 languages currently)
  • Actually put your photos on the map
  • Add sound to your photos
  • Have full RSS support for looking at photos from your favorite news reader
  • Use the trackback feature to see who’s linking to your pictures
  • Login using your Level9, GMail, Meetro, LiveJournal, or OpenID account
  • Apply tags that allow you to define photos for convenient searching later
  • NEW! Zooomr Pro will allow you to upload 2GB of photos every month with unlimited storage!

There’s more information about Geotags and lightmaps but it’s late and my eyes are glazing over so I’ll just point you to the page where you can find out more.

Anyway, a friend of ours bought a Nikon D50 earlier this year and it wasn’t long before I was round there lusting after his equipment, so to speak. And since I have the most beautiful dog in the world, I’ve taken up the Zooomr offer of a free Pro account to any blogger who signs up and posts a Zooomr hosted picture.

Daisy looking pensiveDaisy looking pensiveHosted on Zooomr

Beautiful China

Friday, June 30th, 2006

A stepped hillside in China, stunning greens and browns contrast against the blue of the canals dug into the side of the hill.

Feng Jiang is a PhD student at the University of York (and is a fire marshall!) and takes the most stunning photographs of China.

Is anyone else itching to knock up some code and get those beautiful pictures in a gallery to showcase them better?

Those of us who can only dream of taking such pictures could take a look at this PhotoShop tutorial, The Elegant Studio Shot, one of many pages from Tommy Maloney’s photoshopLab I’ll be investigating this weekend.

This week Alex invited me to join the Flickr group Name That Film. I’m on my second entry so far, feel free to join in and have a guess. Long time readers should find it easy. No, really. Blindingly obvious, I’d say (but then I’m useless at identifying films from stills so I’ll hush my mouth).

Talking of Flickr groups, there are some lovely pictures in Dogs with an attitude and Dog expressions (current favourite is Mommmmm, make him stop staring at me…).

Talking of dogs, anyone want to learn to play the piano? Let the Piano Pooch show you the way.

Oh and what not to name your dog (while you’re there check out the rest of Infrequently asked questions).

Right, I’m off to make some salad for supper. Mmm….

Best and worst

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Meme #1

Continuing with the photography theme, here’s an idea stolen borrowed from MetaChat – you choose the best and the worst picture you’ve ever taken, upload them to your Flickr pages, website, etc. and we get to ooh, aah and admire then laugh at your efforts. Sound like a good idea? Over to you then. Leave a comment with a link if you’re not too chicken :-)

I’m digging deep (not too deep, hah! so many to chose from) for the worst picture category but my best picture is up on the wall, is from pre digital days and since the scanner decided to stop working and his lordship’s not home yet for me to take a picture of the picture with his camera you’ll have to take it on trust that it’s a reallly good picture. No, really!

Meme #2

All Nancy’s fault – the link I posted to the Adidas video reminded her of a video from her youth which in turn reminded me that I searched YouTube yesterday for Elkie Brooks and the one result that comes up is the lovely Video for the extraordinary Ann Andrews containing my favourite Elkie Brooks track of all time (and certainly in the top 3 of best songs ever recorded), Pearl’s a Singer.

So I’m tagging Croila and Stroppy cow to find a favourite video of their favourite childhood/teenage song, they in turn will (hopefully) tag someone for theirs and so it continues.


More music related stuff

The Scopitone
was a French video jukebox that made its debut in 1960 and was imported into the US in 1964. Although they usually featured high production values, catchy melodies, and lots of gratuitous cheesecake, the singers were often relative unknowns and the music was square even by the standards of the day. Consequently, they never caught on in a big way outside of Europe, and many of the original Scopitone jukeboxes and films were destroyed. Fortunately for us, a few Scopitone enthusiasts have catalogued the songs, scanned the advertisements, and even preserved a few Quicktime clips of the original French and American Scopitone films.

Catching sunshine

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

A hand against the sky appears to be holding the sun between thumb and forefinger

My bad, as the young ‘uns say, I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but logging on to Flickr just now reminded me that Gia has set up a Flickr group called “Catching Sunshine:

“…and thought it would be great idea to try and get everyone to start taking pictures of themselves, their friends, their family ‘catching sunshine’ ie a photo of you holding the Sun, kissing the Sun, kicking the Sun, drinking the Sun…”

Go read Gia’s post for some great tips then get snapping!

[Gia’s blog seems to be down at the minute, keep trying, I’m sure it’ll be back up soon.]

A few more pictures

Monday, May 8th, 2006

His first week and a picture in the making.

Bored with babies? That’s okay, get thee hence to David’s Flickr pages. Wonderful shots of China, the words are here.

Hey Mister!

Monday, May 8th, 2006

Mr D4D, aka Lyle has been busy with a great new site, Where’s-Good.com. Eaten at a good restaurant lately? Found a wonderful new store? Go tell the internet about it. Sign-up is fast and easy and you get the chance to alert or warn others of good/bad service. Methinks Blue Witch should be over there like a shot. All the current reviews are for UK establishments but I’d love to see your tales of fantastic meals in far flug places – let’s see who can post the first non Brit review, eh?

Mr Wibble, aka Ian, is concentrating more on his wonderful photography (hooray!) and has moved to a new Moonfruit home. Linking to individual pictures isn’t possible which is probably just as well else I’d be linking to dozens of my favourites, the portraits especially.

Flickr virgin

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006


Despite having signed up with Flickr in ye olde dayes, I’ve not really used it much (the result of a crap camera and always having hosting space elsewhere) but I’m finally “getting” the community aspect of it all – bear with me while I find you all and add you as contacts and gasp in admiration at the wonderful pictures you’ve been taking.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

I’ve missed at least two birthdays recently (Pam and Graeme) but in a recent conversation with Andrew I rashly promised to look at something that would make it easy for our little corner of the world (virtually speaking) to make it easy to find a fellow blogger’s birthday.

I’ve had a look at Google Calendar, Kiko and 30 Boxes calendars but don’t you think it would be nice to have the option to list birthdays along with a url and a picture (avatar, gravatar, etc.)? So I’ve set up a Frappr map here at Blogaday:

World map showing location pin for Daisy

Your pins are welcomed. But is there a more suitable tool out there? One that makes it easy to view birthdays in a particular month? Oh and how about an rss feed that will display a list of that week’s birthdays/anniversaries? Ideas, people!

Stating the obvious

Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man’s decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests.

File under “Why on earth did you spend money confirming that?”, researchers at the University of Leuven* now say that sex cues ruin men’s decisiveness.

* Disclaimer: Many moons ago I dated a medical student and the halls of residence at Leuven will always bring a twinkle to these old eyes.

Tom Attix Photography

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

Sunset at Point Reyes

Tom Attix Photography

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