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Two for the price of one

Thursday, February 17th, 2005

Two new sites spotlighted this week: Liberrylog and Ode.A-Blog. You already know three of the contributors so get on over and have a gander.

And we’re well overdue a bit of blogpimping:

10 signs like this
The Colorblind Society
Nameless blogger [some content is NSFW]
Cripes, Suzette
Moody mum

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Amazing ourselves to death

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

For anyone interested in learning and what goes on inside your noggin, there’s a newish group blog called Creating passionate users. There are so many posts I want to go back and read but here’s a quick selection –

I don’t feel so old having read You 2.0:

…thanks to the overwhelming new brain research, we now know that it’s virtually never too late to reinvent yourself. To start something totally new. To learn, even master, something completely different from what you’ve been doing for the past five, ten, forty years.

On getting rid of the television:

TV isn’t good for your brain in a wide range of ways. Just one of the problems is that it can lead to a reduction in left-brain logical thinking unless you’re extremely careful (and capable) about making sure the news broadcasts are screened out. Because commercial news broadcasts are driven largely by the “if it bleeds it leads” approach, and those messages trigger the flight-or-fight response because your brain often can’t distinguish between experienced vs. visualized terror. MRI scans show that the same parts of your brain light up when you watch high resolution images as when you’re seeing it for real.

And my favourite (so far), Focus. Following on from a quote by John Ratey:

I love that: We seem to be amazing ourselves to death. There’s so much to be amazed at we can never really sit down and focus on something long enough to really learn it. When we’re distracted with too much to do, and not enough time to do it in, we get stressed, and this doesn’t help either — stressed people are much less creative than happy, relaxed people.

Oh and the links and references are great too: try the wonderful photography of Bill Atkinson and free mind mapping software FreeMind.


Casque_petit Currently listing to: Jason Bradbury’s Tsunami ‘Gadget’ Song. Will Mireille ever forgive my fickle heart?

Spotlight: Duck and Monkey

Monday, November 15th, 2004


This week’s spotlight is on Duck and Monkey – a daily comic strip from the pen of Joe Perna. I have issues, mind you :-0))

Other things making me smile as we put the election result behind us:

That Star Wars internal memo (yes I’ve posted it before but it’ still funny)

You’re going to the vets whether you want to or not!

Doggie production line

The best photo of Denzel Washington ogled at seen this year.

William Shatner “does” Rocket Man (and it’s introduced by a straight faced Bernie Taupin!)

Much going on in the Real World at the minute, normal service to be resumed in the near future.

p.s. Comment junkies might like to know that we’re fast approaching a big number and a suitable prize is being sought as we speak, although suggestions for the prize on a postcard in the comment box/via email would be muchly appreciated.


Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

This week’s spotlight is on journalist Jason Feifer’s happyscrappy.com. Great links, articles and I can’t draw, the comic.

There’s just time to mention a few more blogs spotted along the way:

postcards to myself

grumpy gamer

Has anyone done the stats on blogger occupations? What are the percentages for blogging librarians? Well here’s another, kalshassan.

One more

Monday, October 4th, 2004

I’ve no idea how I came across this but Felieke van der Leest makes the most unusual jewellery, sweaters and objects. This one’s my favourite, a set of brooches called Cockroaches in Metamorphosis.

Gooede nacht.

Spotlight update – fine writing

Saturday, August 21st, 2004

It’s one of life’s great mysteries: why isn’t London Mark better known?

Ariste once had a dog, and it had died. Although that is the way of things, and although there are many people who have had dogs, and many dogs have died, there was a man named Ariste who had a dog, and it had died. Zou had not been an especially good dog nor had it been an especially bad one, but Ariste had loved it with all the force of a man who had little else to love.

Go read, enjoy and spread the word.


That old reprobate and others have started up Geronimo Joe’s “rancho relaxo”. A collection of short stories, essays, serials and poetry submitted by fellow bloggers.

WAY back when the days were long and there was lots of wranglin’ to be done I had nary a thought about words, except those ones which just appeared in my head out of nowhere and scared the sweat out of me. After I had hung up my lasso for the last time I had more time to relax and let those words become something more palpable. I had a notion, I wanted to have a place where I could go to read things by other people and publish some of my own thoughts. I wanted to build a quiet and safe place where people could come and exercise their art, knowing that it was all about building and growing. Where there could be feedback and encouragement and where, above all else, we could all strive for excellence. I found some like minded people and we set to building this place. We got in touch with other writers and we have pulled together a few items for you to, hopefully, take pleasure in.

Spotlight’s back

Sunday, July 11th, 2004

I took the Spotlight feature down a couple of weeks ago to make room for the Project Blog but since I’m now thinking to make it part of PB, back it goes. Women’s perogative, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So why Fast Eddie’s Bullet? He’s been on the blogroll for quite some time, no? Well his latest wheeze is Deep Space Blogging:

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there and I want to read them all… unfortunately I have to work too, so I am trying a little thing out here which I hope will expose new things to me.

I’d like everyone who reads the bullet to nominate three blogs that they really really like and admire, but that are not as widely read as you believe they should be. Give a brief reason why these blogs mean so much to you and we can all go visit, comment and add them to our blogrolls.

Go forth and nominate.

Two fer the price of one

Wednesday, May 12th, 2004

I’ve been very lax in the weekly Spotlight update department so we have two brand new ones for your delectation today.

Last week I did a thesis redesign/edit for one of my brother’s students and, being too embarrassed to accept any payment, I asked her to make a donation on behalf of grandddaugter #1. Should you have any spare cash left over at the end of the month (yes, I know it’s not likely but…), why not send a donation? Trust me, if you had ever sat at the bedside of a child with meningitis, wondering if they’ll live to see the next hour, you’d be digging deep into your pockets.
/end sermon.

And Tracy Berna’s site. Delicious. Guffaw at The Emperor’s New Face:

Let me describe the interior of the average M.A.C. outlet: imagine the set of that “Sprockets” sketch on SNL – the one with Gunter and “touch my monkey” – peopled by women and gay men who look like cadavers going to the prom. They’re all pale, all wearing black, all wearing waaaaay too much dark makeup, mostly behind counters – it’s like Anne Rice opened up a fast-food joint. To be fair, they look exactly as my friend June once noted: the way any of us would look if left alone with our makeup for 8 hours a day, not to mention told that said makeup descended straight from the hand of God.


What’s it all about, Alfie?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

They’re re-making Alfie, this time with Jude Law in the lead role. I’ve nothing against Jude Law but my first question was “why?”. Why remake a classic film? Everybody will compare it to the original, find it lacking and then move on to the next remake. I guess it’ll make millions for the studio no matter what.

Then I wondered if they’ll use the classic theme sung by Cilla Black (oh yes indeedy, I have that on vinyl).

[An aside: I’ve just remembered a mad German woman who used to come to parties at our flat in Belgium (no-one seemed to know who invited her, we eventually decided that she lived in the basement and would emerge as soon as she heard the chink of wine glasses). But she would insist, every time, on singing her Marlene Dietrich inspired version of Vot’s eet all about, Alfie. But I digress.]

Anyway, that brings me to this week’s spotlight, the new website of a British band called The Movement.

At the time of writing The Movement have one song, Some Soul, in the Paramount Pictures remake of ‘ALFIE’ starring Jude Law, which is coming out sometime in 2004. So let’s hope it stays in!

Go on, have a listen. Hands up those who want the buy the cd as soon as it hits the shops.

Do you think I’m too old to be in a…


Places to Look for a Mother

Friday, February 20th, 2004

This week’s spotlight is on two blogs by the same author. There’s fine writing over at This is My Body, This is My Blood and a more conventional blog at Prose and Cons. I was going to point towards a couple of exceptional posts but there are far too many so I’ll just give you a gentle nudge in the right direction and let you enjoy.

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