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Thunderbird email

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

I know I really should start deleting old emails. But do you know what would be really nice? To be able to select individual folders (or sub folders) containing archive emails, zip it up and store it on the hard drive and be able to restore it with a quick command such as “Restore xyz folder”.

I don’t suppose anything like that exists for Thunderbird does it?

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A lazy (wo)man’s tip for Firefox

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

If you prefer links to open in new tabs rather than a new window, you can go to Firefox settings (Tools => Options => Tabs):

Screenshot of the Firefox Tools dialog box showing the options checked.

It’s useful when you’re using a web based email (e.g. gmail) and are too lazy to use right click to open a new tab rather than the default new window. Great for pen/tablet users too.

And now for some links

Shave that dude!

Endless fun to be had with the Indian Shankar Drum Ganesh Machine.

Rember that sand artist, Ferenc Cakó, that we all loved? Well Graeme recently came across the work of another sand artist, Ilana Yahav.

I’m off to make supper.


Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Unexpected visitors this weekend, a sort-of family member (I don’t know him terribly well) with cancer has worsened considerably so we’re looking after the grandchildren while the stepson and daughter-in-law spend some time with him.

Since Sophie (6 next week!) is an even bigger internet addict than yours truly, I’ve been digging out some of the more child-friendly bookmarks: Ferry Halim’s Orisinal, Boohbah, the on/off switch, You are my flower (songs by Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton of the band Ida), cows of the universe and Splashback to name but a few.

Dammit, while checking those links I came back across the sinfully addictive weboggle. You have so been warned. Maybe it’s safer to check out Desktop Blues instead. At least you’ll be able to get on with something else in the meantime…

The one with the updates

Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Back in June 2004, purple e asked us for recommendations :

Does anyone know of any online tool that enables you to plan your itinerary on a map, so that I could report in periodically and display our whereabouts?

You had lots of ideas of where to travel but no software recommendations but I just came across TravList that lets you keep track of your trips, both past and present (although you can’t yet go back beyond 1985 so all us wrinklies will have to wait a while to document our expeditions when those new-fangled horseless carriages were just coming on to our streets).

It’s very simple to use, you can integrate with Google Maps and Flickr and create a trip calendar. I think tags are on their way too. The creator (Scott McIntyre) has created a sample trip page to the Pacific Northwest – it’s very clean and simple and I’ll be giving it a go this weekend. It’s a nice alternative to setting up a photo gallery for holiday snaps and course you can link to trips from your blog.

That scurillous attack on Wales and the Welsh

Back in April 2003 I came across a very silly travel review by Vicky Blitz:

Our tour guide, Tristan, had done a lot of hiking and camping in England, where one can freely cross the farmers lands without any fear. It is the custom in England, that, most land is “open” to the public, as long as they don’t leave trash behind. However, he warned us that hiking and camping in Wales was a little risky, if one goes far back in the hills. He said, that, as in parts of Appalachia in the U.S., some people have been back in the Welsh hills for such a long time, isolated from the rest of the world, there has been inbreeding and the gene pool has gone down in intelligence. Couple that, with the distrust of strangers (the mountain people have), for one’s own safety, it is wise to avoid the Welsh mountains, when hiking and camping in Wales.

Happily, an as yet unnamed person has taken the time to take Ms Blitz to task for (let’s be generous here) believing what a mischevious English guide had told her:

… My assumption is that the guide was “taking the Mick” (i.e. teasing her). Now, whilst no one can ever say that people one might meet can ever be guarenteed 100% safe anywhere in the World, nevertheless, I think Wales is about as safe as it is possible to be. The interbreeding quip sounds very much like an English racial jibe at the Welsh, made for the guide’s own amusement.

I do not believe in censorship, therefore I would not even request you to remove the article from your site. However, I promise you that its suggestions are completely inaccurate and do, indeed, constitute a racial (and absolutly unjustified) slur on the Welsh.

You can read the rest of the reply here.

Online organisation tools : AirSet.com

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

I’ve been roadtesting Airset.com these past few days. There are lots of organisation tools out there now, you may remember that I was a fan of EssentialPIM but since failing to receive a free license for the Pro version (and judging by the support forums, quite a few long time users had the same problem while new users like my brother got one practically by return of mail). Not that I’m bitter or anything. Ahem.

Anyway, now that our internet connection is (fingers crossed) fairly stable it occurred to me that it might be an idea to start keeping stuff online rather on one machine (in ePIM and OneNote), giving me access to resources, ideas, plans and so on from any machine rather than the one I use daily. I’ve looked at quite a few tools such as 30 Boxes, SpongeCell, BackPackit and so on but what I really want is a combination of all of those – i.e. a calendar and note making facilities and reminders and a contacts database. I need a single place to put lists, notes, plans, bookmarks and so on – well, what a good PIM software does but online.


A competition, a Mac toy and an update

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Educating Tippler : Em is running a guess the song title competition. Don’t do as I did, eyes-a-shining, keyboard at the ready, a google page ready to burn – he just wants ONE song title per person. Dammit.

Flickr Savr is a screensaver for the Mac using Flickr photos. It’s still in beta and being Macless, I can’t test it but it seems that you can set criteria such as user name, tags, contacts, etc. [Via Trois Couleurs.]

An update to the paper postRobert J Lang’s delicious Origami site (from Ian) and how to create an origami cd holder.

Is that a Zippo lighter in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Friday, November 11th, 2005

I can’t afford one and I can’t justify buying one but damn, they’re sexy:

chrome finished, 42mm high portable hard drive

[via 3 couleurs]

Less than 24 hours in

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

…and I broke it.

Apologies to everyone who tried to comment and got an error page. I fiddled with a setting to change the way permalinks are handled early this morning but didn’t complete the job and went blithely about my way doing other things, not realising the havoc I’d caused.

I’ll think up a suitable penance and let you know when it’s completed :-)

Moving’ in

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Effective immediately I’ll be blogging here instead of over there.

Why so suddenly Daise?
If I’d have known how easy it was going to be I’d have done it a darn sight sooner. Kudos to:

  1. The WordPress Codex, especially this page.
  2. The connections template by Patricia Müller at Vanilla Mist the reflections template from Clemens. I found a scribbled drawing under my desk of a layout I was planning to do a while back, thought about trying to recreate it in WordPress, fainted, came to and went googling for a three column layout. And this one’s perfect. It might even include a sideblog. But for now it’ll be thumbnails to great sites.
  3. The TypePad export feature (unbelievably good, even the comments have exported). Graphics are quite another matter however. It’s long been a bugbear of mine (and many other TypePad pro users) that we have no overall access to our files. This was brought home to me when I needed to download all of the graphics from the old site. After querying it with TypePad support (nope, there’s no way to do it), I had to use HTTrack to download the whole site. Unbelievable.
  4. Dudehost for being very cheap and very friendly.

Why are you moving?
Well, the TypePad subscription is up for renewal in December and I can’t justify the cost of another year, much as I’d love to. I have no qualms about using a service some dismiss as being “for aunt mabel types who wouldn’t be able to manage their own blog” [expletive deleted]. Having a hosted blog, especially at Pro level just leaves me more time for other things. But I had the hosting, the knowledge and a circle of wise brains to pick so on a spur-of-the-moment whim this evening I just upped and did it.

What’s next then?
I’ve exported all the text from over there but the graphics (*gulp*, hundreds of them) are currently still linking back to the TypePad site so I need to sort that out or have lots and lots of blank spaces when it dies in December. There’s also quite a bit of behind the scene stuff to do and I’d like to customize this template so it feels a bit more like home.

I’ll try and clear those things up as quickly as possible because I’m keen to pick up on the accessible blogging templates idea with PixelDiva but in the meantime, it’s back to blogging I guess.

But first I think it’s time for a celebratory pot of tea, no?

Tools and fonts and things

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Safari users who have looked longingly at Chris Pederick’s Web Developer extensions for Firefox need to zip over to WebDevAdditions.

Is it me or is there an increasing buzz around open source content managment software Plone?

Plone is standard. Plone carefully follows standards for usability and accessibility. Plone pages are compliant with US Section 508, and the W3C’s AA rating for accessibility, in addition to using best-practice web standards like XHTML and CSS.

dincTYPE’s delicious retro fonts for pc and mac (although the mac zips seem to be empty?) – can’t wait to use Big Flirt.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the CSS cheat sheet.

If you can’t find it on google, try here.

And finally…

How to be annoying online.

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