Entries in the Chasing Daisy Christmas Banner Contest

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1. On a black canvas, a woman's bare legs are bent at the knees and she's holding a fur trimmed Santa hat on her feet.

Photo by Marius Muresan; the font is Rebecca.

2. Beautiful little girl with curly blonde hair curled up on the floor, wearing a white fairy dress and soft white wings.

Photo by Richard S (who has a website here); font used is The Gingerbread House

3. A handsome boxer dog wearing a Santa hat sits proudly looking straight at the camera.

I still can't remember where I got this photo - I don't think it's on Stock Xchng so I might have bought it at i-stock but the font is Gingerbread House. If you know the source, do let me know!

4. A beautiful moonlit night in a snow laden forest.

Photo by zabroda at Stock Xchng.

5. The words Chasing Daisy in a pretty curly font, the letter a in both words is replaced by a Christmas tree.

The font used is Abaddon

6. A speech bubble saying 'Get back here with those mince pies!'

The font used is Accoustic Bass.

7. A dimly lit home office at night. There's a laptop on a wooden desk and a lovely trianglular arch candle decoration lighting up the window.

Photo by farbik at Stock Xchng.

8. A handmade snowman with black felt hat, tartan scarf and carrot nose holds a wooden welcome sign for visitors.

Picture by gobran111 at Stock Xchng, font is Sabrina.

9. A handmade snowman with knitted jacket and felt hat smiles back at the camera.

Photo by gozdeo at Stock Xchng, font is Tagettes.

10. A green, red and blue Christmas tree bauble lie on a table.

Illustration by marilex at Stock Xchng.

11. Three shots of a gorgeous miniature dog wearing a hooded santa jacket.

Photos by planetka at Stock Xchng.