Now we all know that procrastination is my middle name. I’ve lots of things to do here before I’m able to get the paintbrushes out so I thought I’d add a To Do list and put it up here in public so that you can gently nag me to get things done. I’ve even left comments switched on. Although they aren’t displayed. Hmm. Add to list to fix later.

Last update: 21 March 2006 @ 23:57

  1. Split the link categories, have a different style and image for each tea type.
  2. Reduce overall width of design to fit 800×600 screens, maybe fluid width on content, fixed on 2 sidebars. Or a div at the bottom that spans 3 columns?
  3. Go through “posts” file (all typepad posts from last three years in one file) – search and replace paths for all graphics (done) and accessify where possible. No more pop-ups, improved alt text for all (95% done).
  4. Categories/archives in drop down box? Accessibility issues? Can I put them on another page and links to them?
  5. Take screenshots of typepad and blogger sites for a “history” page.
  6. Can I switch off the wp quick code editor? – See Roel Meurders’ wp quicktag editor plugin.

And then…

  1. Add links to sections of great blogs page.
  2. Recategorise (teas? biscuits? chocolates?) and import blogrolls, tidy up the main list.
  3. Redesign
  4. Create a side blog for quick links [a proper blog with rss feed, comments, etc., not the simple links I have now].
  5. Add alternative banners/stylesheets for various pages [Clemens’ instructions are here]
  6. Create a page for former spotlight entries [alphasort? categorise?]
  7. Random blogroll, see Gerd Riesselmann’s Randomized Blogroll WordPress plugin.
  8. Plugin for gravatars (see Em³’s email).
  9. Set up an Amazon wishlist (yes I will, stop nagging!).


  1. Create a custom 404 page, edit htacess to get it working for all.
  2. Get rid of red border when hovering on banner.
  3. Tweak code to validate XHTML and CSS
  4. Add a preview facility to comments?
  5. Add a rule to the style sheet for a centred divider that separates items in one post.
  6. Add a “this html code allowed” paragraph to comments.
  7. Edit index.php so that links to extended posts go to individual posts (notes are here).
  8. Add the beach/daisy banner from TypePad [see Clemens’ notes here]
  9. Create a custom 404 page.
  10. mybloglog – change settings to here.
  11. Add new url to Technorati.
  12. How to do extended posts.
  13. Sort email notification of comments.
  14. Combine cd.com stats with typepad stats, start a new counter.
  15. Sitemeter, etc. from right hand sidebar (I’ve added StatCounter)
  16. Favicon fixed.
  17. Comments – change “somebody Says” to “somebody wrote”
    No longer necessary since theme change.
  18. Try and re-import that file to overrwite the one I already imported (or delete the file first then import?).
  19. This page: if you view this page source you’ll see that there’s a
    <div class=”entrytext”> and viewing the page source of the main blog there’s a <div class=”entry”> but neither of these is in the style.css that I’m editing right now. Why? Are they specified in one of the php files? Check.
  20. Fix truth laid bear code for transfer (deleted instead).
  21. Amend style sheet so that fonts are scalable in IE etc. – done!
  22. Add a div (narrow red bar) under the banner picture.
  23. Add a sideblog rather than editing sidebar file manually.
  24. Add time (24 hour clock) to post date.
  25. Create a blank template Page (no sidebars) and create a .php file with the main navigation bar.
  26. Start a redirect from typepad to here? Too late, it’s gone!
  27. Why aren’t comments showing on this page? See blank page creation above.

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